Contrary To Rumor, LINCSA Boss Marvin Sarkor Says Liberia’s Borders Will Not Be Use For Illegal Trafficking Of Illicit Small Arms And Light Weapon


In the midst of rumor,claims and counter claims regarding assisination plot of the president George Weah life, the Chairman of the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms Marvin Sarkor has assured Liberians that the Country’s borders will not be used for illegal trafficking of illicit small arms and light weapons across the Country.

According to him, the people of Liberia has no reason to fear as the commission he noted is working tirelessly with international partners to include the British government,the Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS) and many others to ensure that they help formulate policies and appropriate programs aimed at combating the proliferation of small arms and light weapons across the Country.
As part of immense effort in that regard Chairman Sarkor told our reporter that the commission has set up a national control system which is intended to ensure that weapons brought in Liberia are not diverted to other Countries for the use of arms conflict.

He said he and other border and international bodies are partnering as well as working franticly hard to help make their respective Countries and people live peacefully void of arms conflict.
LINCSA Chairman said small arms and light weapons have negative impact on society especially reflecting on Liberia’s dark past as such he called on all those mainly civilians who are in constant possession of illegal weapons to peacefully turn it over the Liberia National Police or the full weight of the law will be applied.

Marvin said the constant wave of parading with illegal small arms by unauthorized persons is troubling for the security of the state,noting that they are putting in place practical policies and measures to help combat the flow of illicit small arms and light weapons in Liberia.

Under the laws of Liberia only security institutions and personnels to include: the Liberia National Police(LNP) the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency ( LDEA) The Executive Protective Service ( EPS) and other personnels assigned with the president, amongst others are to carry arms.

However, civilians are to only use single barrer guns and for exclusively hunting purposes he indicated.
Mr.Sarkor who just returned from the annual Arms Trade Treaty ( ATT) meeting added that Liberia is a signatory to the ATT,an international governing body charged with the responsibility of controlling arms especial conventional arms something he pointed out his Country mainly residents across the borders of Liberia should abide by at all times.
It can be recalled that Liberia in 2015 rectified the ATT, as the Country is said to at the point of the domestication of the legal instrument soon.
It is expected that President Weah will submit the bill to the National legislature for subsequent legislation soon.

The LINCSA Boss termed the meeting as a great experience sharing and a rewarding one as Liberia’s case he noted was well discussed and represented.

Mr.Sarkor who also visited Equatorial Guinea to represent Liberia on the ban of fossil materials to produce nuclear weapon and explosives said though Liberia does not have uranium but added his voice to many voices urging Countries and people with such resources to use it for nuclear energy purpose and not to weaponize it, something he added is worrisome to the general society and it’s people.
He said the commission remains committed to formulating all necessary policies and programs to help combat illicit weapons and small arms across the nation.
Currently he noted that the commission has now expanded its scope to conventional arms as decentralization and training of practitioners, he indicated will be his priority under his watch as Chairman of the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms.