COP Chairman Reiterates Calls for Charles Taylor Freedom


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong County Correspondent)

The Acting Chairman of the Council of Patriots Menipakei Dumoe, has reiterated calls for the releasing of former Liberian President Charles Gankay Taylor.

Mr. Dumoe in a Press conference on Friday September 4, 2020 said, he has started lobbying with the current government and will soon meet with the Sierra Leone Ambassador to Liberia, Mr. Eddie S. Massallay to further discuss the freeing of the former Liberian Leadera.

He said Taylor needs to be set free because the case involving his imprisonment had an undertone that led to witnesses falsely testifying against him.

According to him, the Sierra Leonean Ambassador will be willing to accept and extend his appeal to President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone because of the bilateral ties between the two Countries.

Taylor, the former Liberian Leader was  found guilty to have “aided and abetted” war crimes by a United Nations-backed tribunal in The Hague.

After four years of hearings at the special court for Sierra Leone, he was found to have provided sustained support for rebels during their reign of terror in the neighboring west African state.

But the COP Acting Chairman in his Friday Press conference said,  he believes the Sierra Leonean government will accept the appeals from Liberia to join voices in getting Taylor off the prison.

Some Political pundits in Bong County believes that Mr. Demoe’s advocacy comes from the back-drop of his December 8 2020 political campaign; and that he wants to use the name of Charles Taylor to draw the attentions of Voters in the County.

According to our Bong County Correspondent, similar thing happened in 2014 when a purported voice believed to be Charles Taylor was heard on a local radio station in the County about 24 hours to the 2014 Senatorial Elections telling the people of Bong County to vote Madam Jewel Howard Taylor as Senator.

That voice was later described by current Representative of Electoral District #3 Josiah Marvin Cole who was a Staff in Jewel’s office as a campaign strategy organized by them in 2014 to corrupt the minds of voters.

However, Dumoe has stated that his decision and intention to fight for the freedom of Taylor is far from the 2020 elections.

“I’m a long time friend of Charles Taylor and I believed that he needs to be set freed because his case was masterminded”

“Taylor is a good man who needs to come back to Liberia. During his days as Leader of this Country, he stood for better Liberians who were dying of starvation, he fought for a better revenue sharing formula and because of that, I will do everything possible whiter being in the Legislature or not to have Taylor released.

Mr. Dumoe alleged that the Internal Criminal Court is loosing support from the international community because of the trend it takes in investigating issues.



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