COP to Return to the Streets of Monrovia Soon as Government Refuses to Meet Short-term Demand


Monrovia, Liberia-The Council of Patriots Protest on Friday, June 7, 2019, came to an end without the presentation of their petition.

After hours of peaceful jubilant demonstration, COP demanded the release of five of their colleagues currently in Police custody.
But the Government of Liberia represented by Justice Minister Cllr. Frank Musa Dean and Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Milton Finley refused to address the request of the protesters, a situation that prompted their immediate exit from the grounds of Capitol Building.

One of the Organizers of the famous June 7 protest, Henry Costa, after approximately one hour told the protesters to return to their various homes. According to Costa, COP will shortly announce another day for the continuation of the assemblage due to the refusal of the Liberian Government to receive their petition.

Over approximately ten thousand people attended the Friday ceremony which has so far been graded as one of Liberia’s peaceful rallies in a decade. The Citizens under the canopy “Council of Patriots” had gathered to protest against the hike in prices of basic commodities, the uncontrollable exchange rate, the allege violation of the Constitution of Liberia and massive corruption under the watch of ex-soccer legend George Weah.

The thousands of aggrieved Liberians converged on Capitol Hill from various communities, including near-by Counties and villages to exercise their Constitution right. Speaking to KMTV in different interviews, some of the people explained that Liberia is fast moving down the drain under President Weah as what they call “financial looting” is the order of the day.

“Bag of rice price da $3,000 Liberian Dollar, one sac (sachet) of water da $10 dollar, $5 dollar US da 980” one of the protesters said. They are challenging President Weah and team to address their concerns in the soonest possible time.

Meanwhile, the managers and  of COP including Henry Costa, Darius Dillon, and Representative Yekeh Kolubah in what seems to be one voice demanded accountability and good governance from government. They expressed gratitude for the turnout. Observers have so far thanked Liberians for the level of maturity exhibited throughout the process.

The standard bearers of opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings and All Liberian Party (ALP) and Benoni Urey, who are supporters of the protest were also in attendance.

As early as 6 anti-meridian, officers of the joint security taskforce had already been deployed at various strategic points to provide full protective coverage of both COP members and non-protesters. They were seen in their regalia displaying professionalism and maturity and tolerance.

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