COP Welcomes US Embassy Statement; Schedules Meeting for Friday


The Council of Patriots has welcomed the United States Embassy statement in relation to the planned July 24 nationwide protest noting that it will officially speak to the public on Friday.

In a statement issued and signed by Ambassador Christine Elder on Thursday, July 18, the US embassy termed the arrangement of the demonstration during the week of the Independence celebration as “misplaced”.

The US Envoy furthered that a statement particularly from a group under the banner ‘Council of Patriots’ and from a group which maintains that patriotism remains central to their efforts, staging such actions during the Country’s 172nd independence celebration, would instead convey a lack of commitment to national development.

Responding to the pronouncement, according to a local media, one of the spokespersons for the Council of Patriots, Abraham Darius Dillon said the Council of Patriots has scheduled a meeting, and would formally communicate to Citizens after said gathering.

Dillon, according to the local media house, cautioned the Liberian Government to take key note of the US Embassy government pronouncement which admonishes both the COP and the Weah led Government, including Liberians who are parading the Country on partisan basis.

“Events surrounding upcoming national celebrations should be devoid of partisan promotion or posturing, focusing instead on working together for the common good of the Liberian people”, the US Embassy statement noted.


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