Costa to Resist Government’s ‘Muzzling Tactics’

Henry P. Costa

Government’s critic Henry Costa says he will resist move from the George Weah government prohibiting him from broadcasting his popular radio show on the Liberian airwaves.

“They cannot and will not, I say to you my friend, we are not going to bow down to their nonsense,” Costa said.

He said the government has invited the station’s Manager and they have promised to show up at 11 am on Monday, January 18, to discuss the issue on banning his program on their media.

D-15 Radio is owned by Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence as the board is chaired by Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, according to Henry Costa.

Costa said the government is afraid of him because he educates the public about the government’s awful deeds and the move is to ban critical voices.

Costa said no law says if a government attempted or charges someone for a crime linking to fraud they are banned from speaking in a country.

“The Government fears the things we say and the things we expose. The things they doing are the things we talk about, they present us the facts of their actions on their misdeeds and we published them,” Costa noted

He said both members of the Senate who are owners of the station D-15 have promised to put this situation on the floor of the Liberian Senate if Monday’s meeting outcome is not peacefully resolved.

He described the move as a violation of his constitutional rights and to allow the Coalition for Democratic Change government to go after anyone to stab people freedom of speech and expression.

“We will resist, we’ll fight, you can be assured,” Costa told his supporters on a short Facebook broadcast on Sunday following government press release issued by the Ministry of Information.