Council of Patriots Condemns Continual Harassments From Liberian Government

Council of Patriots Leaders
Council of Patriots Leaders, Henry, Mo, Yekeh

Council of Patriots Press Statement for immediate release:

The Council of Patriots condemns in the strongest term the continual harassments, intimidation and threats on the lives of members of the COP particularly its Chairman, Henry Pedro Costa and Hon. Yekeh Kolubah.

The Chairman of the COP was forced to leave the country a two nights ago due to several threats made on his life by strange armed men, pro-government enthusiasts and higher-ups in the government including Deputy Information Minister, Eugene Fahngon, who clearly stated in a Facebook comment “Costa will soon die”.

The COP calls on the international community, rights groups to denounce the Liberian Government’s undemocratic tactics of silencing critical voices. The COP views this as grave and should claim the attention of our international partners.

In order to ensure that the plot to have the Chairman of the COP bodily harmed or even killed, the government trumped up charges against Mr. Costa and alerted the Government of Sierra Leone to have him arrested and sent back to Liberia.

The Government of Liberia’s request to have Costa arrested by the Sierra Leonean authority does not only violate ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement, it also violates Sierra Leone’s Extradition Act of 1974.

Therefore, COP is asking the Government and people of Sierra Leone not to tarnish their enviable democratic credentials by serving as an accomplice in facilitating, aiding and abetting the Government of Liberia in its malicious plan to eliminate critical voices who are speaking out against the wanton abuse of power and rampant corruption by the Government of Liberia.

In the same vein, the COP is calling on the Government of Liberia to refrain from its sponsored attacks on the person of Hon. Yekeh Kolubah and his family.

These constant sponsored attacks on critics of government is doing the country no good as they are only helping to heighten insecurity and drive away investors.

The COP assures all of its supporters that Henry Pedro Costa is well and that we are working along with others to ensure that his safety and rights in Sierra Leone are guaranteed. The COP and all its supporters will hold the Government of Liberia primarily and directly responsible for the personal safety of Mr.

Henry Costa, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah, and all other persons now being targeted by state security and dangerous CDC-affiliated militant auxiliaries.

Mohammed Ali
Secretary General



  1. Hon. Eugene Farhgon is not that a fool to make a pronouncement like that. This honorable man is so an intelligent personality that can not make statements like hooligans Yekeh Kolubah and Pedro Costa who constantly declared having possess arms and were ready to kill in the streets. There is no iota of truth in that none sense as mentioned above. No one will put his reputation on the track to want to kill a fool like Costa let alone war-outcast Yekeh Kolubah.
    It’s insane for COP to insinuate that the Honorable Assistant Minister said Costa will “die”. This is a lie that COP wants to purport in order to gain recognition for asylum seeking for Costa who is caught in his own net after bragging about being smarter than the Authority in Liberia having obtained a fake Laissez-passer several times.
    He must face the weight of the law and if necessary be placed behind bars for some time.

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