Country Society Endenger, Woman 72, Son private Parts For Alleged Witchcraft Activities


A 72-year-old woman and her son private parts have been endangered by country society leaders for alleged witchcraft activities.

The tortured survival along with her son were accused of witchcraft activities which subsequently led to their maltreatment by country society people as means of rendering Justice in Grand Kru County.

According to the 72 years old victim, Susannah Quire, the torture against them was triggered as a result of one of their family, (Welka Wallace), who fell down on the ground while cleaning his farm. Welka Walace said, he consulted a traditional herbalist in the area that preformed ordeal and blamed she and son Victor Wallace of being responsible for what happened to him on his farm in Patty electoral district #1.

Victor Wallace

Patty is a coastal community located in Trehn Statutory District, about 50km from the local Capital of Barclayville, Grand Kru County.

The survivals explained that the Sassawood administered to them by the country doctor demanded them to place their hands in a very hot oil that burned them.

Susannah Quire revealed that they were rescued from the hands of traditional people through the intervention of the district authority, after sustaining major injuries from the harmful traditional form of justice.

She noted that due to their critical condition, the local authority of Trehn Statutory District saved their lives and sent them to the Garraway Clinic on July 11, 2019 for medical treatment. The two Survivals expressed their thanks and appreciation to the government for immediately rescuing them.

“God come first, but I remain grateful to the local authorities for coming to our rescue. If it were not because of them, by now, it would have been a different story.”

She further narrated in tears,

“They paraded with us in the center of the town. I was stripped butt naked by authorities of the country society on the orders of two elders of the community. They used stick into my secret part and my son Victor private part was also burned by the angry youths with hot cutlass they placed in fire.”

The two victims are responding to treatment but their condition is very critical and needs urgent referral at advanced hospital. But health authorities at the clinic said there is no ambulance in the district and transporting the two survivals remain a major challenge.

The 72 years old woman along with her son are appealing to the Ministry of Gender, central government, humanitarians and international partners to come to their aid in an effort to facilitate their referral to seek advanced medical treatment.

Meanwhile, the Grand Kru Detachment of the Liberia National Police, told our reporter that they were informed about the situation that occurred in Patty; responded to the crime scene and their operations were obstructed by the country society.

For his part, Amajie Sieka, Trehn Statutory District Superintendent has condemned the alleged act of violence perpetrated against the woman and her son. The District Superintendent disclosed that the district authority is currently working with the police to bring to book those that instigated the ugly act.

Sieka indicated that the conduct of Sassawood has since been condemned by the central government and those that administered the ordeal will also be apprehended by police. He said the act has the propensity to undermine the rule of law and at the same time he has assured the victims that justice will be served after police investigations into the matter.