Court charged assistant Information Minister Samuel Worzi for contempt.

The Civil Law court has charged assistant Information Minister for technical services Samuel Worzi for contempt of court.
The court took the decision following an invitation for him to appear before it due to a complaint filed by counselor Yonton Kesselly.
According to documents in our possession from the court assistant Minister Worzi was written since Monday to appear on Wednesday to answer questions why he allegedly insulted as well as levied allegations of corruption against Mr. Kesselly.
However as expected but unfortunately Worzi did not show up without up till press time justifiable reason to the court something that prompted such decision.
Worzi is alleged of using his influence as assistant minister to order the release of a detenee at the garnersville magisterial court but said was denied.
He claimed and argued that the magistrate at the court is his colleague contrary to the separation of power mandate something that prompted Yonton Kesselly’s intervention with a clarity saying no he is not your colleague even I as a counselor is not a colleague to the judge, this is wrong and should be corrected, added Mr. Kesselly.
The statement alleged by Mr. Kesselly prompted lashes by Worzi in defense claiming that Kesselly is amongst other things is corrupt.
Mr. Kesselly according to our investigation is demanding proves from Worzi’s accusations.
He served as former assistant minister for vocational and technical services.
Since the inception of the CDC led government assistant Minister Worzi is thus far the first official of government to be held in contempt by the court.
Weah is on record for warning his government officials to work in line with the pro-poor agenda and not to over lapped function.
The recent court action appears to be a threat to assistant minister


Contempt of court after legal proceedings lead to incarsoration.