Court sends Rev. St. Solomon Joah and Son Solomom Joah Jr. To Prison


The Superintendent of the Soltiamon Christian School System (SCSS) and son have been incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison.

It comes after an arrest warrant was issued by Judge Kennedy Peabody on July 1; said arrest was effectuated early Tuesday Morning.

The two (Ravened St. Solomon Joah and Solomon Joah Jr), according to court documents have been charged with criminal facilitation and aggravated assault.

The Liberian Clergyman and Educator flanked by his son Solomon Joah Jr were seen in handcuff at the grounds of the Temple of Justice being escorted to the Monrovia Central Prison.

It can be recalled on 20 June, the then dean of the Soltiamon School Solomon Joah Jr allegedly whipped one of his students for alleged misconduct a situation which resulted into the student (name withheld) sustaining some splashes on her buttocks.

The incarcerated former Soltiamon dean of students, according to the CEO, Madam Tiangay Joah expressed regrets over his action.