COVID-19 Hits Grand Cape Mount County, County Officials Alarms


Eight suspected cases of covid-19 have been reported in Kinjor town, Grand Cape Mount County  and those affected have been placed in isolation center.

Making the disclosure, the Superintendent of Cape Mount, Araon B. Vincent said, health practitioners have inform him on the latest development and noted those infected with the virus are Turkish nationals that are working for the Bea Mountain company.

In a brief remarks at a meting with stakeholders in the county, he  call on the residents to take seriously the fight against the virus by following all the measure put in place by the Ministry of Health and the local authorities in the county.

In a related development, our reporter gathered that two cases of COVID -19 have been reported in Robertsport at the St. Timothy government hospital in Grand cape mount county.

Also speaking at the stakeholders meeting was the  Mayor of Robertsport  Edwin H. Korha, who warned residents of Robertsport to follow health protocols outlined by the Health Ministry if they are to remain healthy and defeat COVID-19.

Mayor Korha said, the fight against the virus that is resurfacing in the country requires collective efforts .

To save guide more people in the area, the City Mayor called on the security sector for the full implementation of the new health protocol and disclosed that he has set up a committee that is charged with the responsibility to build a check point at the entrance of Robertsport city within two weeks.

The Mayor of Robertsport wants residents to be on the alert and report the movement of strange people with in the city mainly those with health related conditions .

At the meeting he said, “ We as citizens in cape mount and Liberia at large need to fight this new wave of the pandemic by following all health protocol . This virus is very dangerous and it is causing serious harm to our economy and livelihood.”

The meeting was attended by superintendent, Police commander, Communities leaders among others.