COVID-19 Vaccine Scarcity Hits Liberia


Health Minister Dr. Whilimena Jallah says, there is no dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in the Liberia.

Worst of all the Health Minister said, individuals who received the first shot of the vaccine and was due the second dose are unable to get it because it has elapsed  . ” THERE IS NO VACCINE FOR THE FIRST OR SECOND DOSE.”

The Liberia government is yet to purchase her own vaccines as the country and its people are highly depending on donations from world super powers for rescue.

However, the Minister encouraged the public to be calm as they are anticipating some vaccine into the country from some partners soon.

According the health practitioner, those who took the first vaccine can wait up to twelve weeks before taking the next vaccine and there will be no problem, and encourage them not to be panicking.

Minister Jallah also said, those leaving the country and was tested positive should wait for seven to ten days before taking the next test.

She noted that, there are people who have refused to obey the rules and regulations and are engaging in corruption with those doing the testing by bribing the technicians to redo the test within a day or two instead of the actual days.

She added those individual should put a stop to it or when caught they will be band from traveling until they go through the proper channel.


According to the Minister, as of July 7, 2021, the health technicians has detected 32 new COVID-19 cases , 2375 active cases, 50026 confirmed cases, 136 deaths and 2516 total recovery in the country.

Dr. Jallah said, about 126,332 samples has been tested and collected from the lab, and 13 out of the 15 counties are responding respectively.

She said, the treatment unit at Start base in Monrovia has admitted five persons as of July 7 and there is no death nor discharge.

Minister Jallah said, there are 58 patients at the treatment center and that 44 of them are on oxygen due to their health conditions.

She highlighted that, Bomi County have 16 positive cases, Gbapolu 6 cases, Grand Bassa 9 cases, Cape Mount 5, Grand Gedeh 6, Maryland one new case making 16 cases, Nimba 5 new cases total 13 active cases, Rivercess 6 cases, no new case in Sinoe, no case or cases in Lofa and River Gee counties. She encouraged everyone to take all measures serious and obey all rules and regulations.


Also speaking at MICAT press conference Thursday was National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) Director General, Ms. Jane McCauley who said the leading COVID virus in the country is the UK B1.17 type and it has been tested and confirmed from their laboratory.

DG McCauley informed travelers that, upon arrival at the airport, one will be tested and wait patiently for 20 minutes to receive their result before leaving the airport unlike previous time.

She encouraged all to participate in the testing exercise, especially those in Montserrado and said the Paynesville Town Hall is one of the centers for testing and it is free.