Alternative National Congress (ANC) Political leader and Collaborating Political Party (CPP) Chairman, Alexander Cummings is commending all supporters including Liberians for exercising their franchise peacefully on election day.

Posting on his social media platform, Mr Cummings said, he is excited that the CPP candidates are showing good signs of leading the December 8th special elections according to the preliminary results.

The Collaborating Political Party (CPP), Chairman prayed that the NEC conduct the elections with integrity and at the same time assured members of the CPP and opposition that, the leadership is doing everything possible to protect her votes and victory of their candidates.

It is my hope that the NEC conducts the election with integrity!!! To members of the CPP and the opposition community, we are doing our best to protect your votes, even though there were multiple examples of irregularities, which we documented.”

According to unconfirmed results, several CPP candidates are topping why some have started receiving congratulation messages couple with their supporters Jubilating across Liberia.

The National Elections Commission is the official body responsible to announced winners of all elections in Liberia. Already tallying of results are ongoing at NEC offices and winners will shortly be announced and certificated in the just ended December 8, 2020 Senatorial elections in Liberia.