Craft Policies To Benefit The Poor, UN Human Right Boss Warned National Government


The Country Representative of the Office of High Commissioner On Human Rights Uchenna Emelonye has challenged National Government to now look at crafting necessary policies including legal instrument that will benefit the already suffering masses.
He warned national actors not to develop policy that will further affect the livelihood of the poor people as well as widening the already huge gap between the rich and the poor.
Mr. Emelonye made reference to the Business and Human Rights Arm which he noted is key to said endeavor.
Though there is not an available national framework on Business and Human Rights in Liberia but the “OHCHR” boss expects that said crucial document can be put in place by the relevant authority and or arm of government to begin the process of ensuring that the right things are done.
Liberia is a signatory to the Business and Human Rights index and the government is said to be working in such direction however the Human Right expert observed that more needs to be done.
According to him they are constructively campaigning on those things that the Liberian government agreed to work on in a bid to promote and protect Human Rights issues in Liberia.
“Process he said is important than results in Human Rights as such he wants the pro poor government to take keen interest in procedural gains rather than financial gains.
By procedural gains he meant that it is time that the poor people be protected and as well benefit more than been suppressed by the power that be.
Speaking at a two day Business and Human Rights Workshop the “OHCHR” Head encouraged civil society actors to remind government to go beyond the bigger picture of society,Profit and technology issues in Business and now take into consideration that are human rights violations associated with theses issues.
He acknowledge the fact that the business community has played and continues to play a vital role in the rebuilding process of Liberia and other African Countries however he was quick to mentioned that they are as well doing some unintended harm mainly in the business and human right sector ,which he added needs to be address for the benefit of the people in general.
In a drive to effectively engage the government in such direction Mr. Emelonye called on Civil Society actors to now build a very strong antennae to challenge government and hold them accountable on issues of human rights and other national issues including looking more at procedural gains especially by promoting and protecting the rights of all including human dignity rather than selfish profit at the detriment of the poor.
He stressed that gone are the days where the poor were sacrificed adding that one of the aims of the two days session is to ensure that the already wide gap between the rich and the poor be Closed than to be widen as business as usual.
At the end of the two days session it is expected that participants along with the relevant authorities of government identify workable framework to promote and protect business and human right related issues across the Country.