Deputy Police IG foresees “National Security Threat” If Drug Trade is Not Addressed by government…


Monrovia, Liberia-Deputy Police Inspector General for operations Marvin Sackor says, he envisages “national security threat” if government fails to address the influx of illicit drugs into the Country.

“If we don’t do the best and provide every logistical support and resources for the Drug Enforcement Agency, trust me ten years from now, there will be serious, serious national security situation in this Country”, says Mr. Sackor.

He said Liberia can only be successful in combating harmful substances if everyone contributes to the fight for the general good of the society.

The new police deputy IG for operations attributed most of the crimes being perpetrated by people to the usage of harmful substances something he wants an end to.

Speaking at the observance of international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, deputy director Sackor called on students and the youthful population to be ambassadors for the battle against forbidden materials.

Mr. Sackor at the same time alleged that some students are now involved into selling drugs in their various schools. He wants students to abandon bad practices and focus on their lessons as the Country depends on them for future decision making.

Arresting and incarceration of substance abusers according to Marvin is not the only option but the provision of training, counselling and rehabilitation is key to their livelihood.

According to him, most of the big hands behind the importation, manufacturing and sale of drugs are women a statement that up to press time could not be independently verified by KMTV News.