“Desist From Illicit Drugs Usage” Grand Bassa LDEA Boss Warns Youths


By: King Brown ( Correspondent )

(BUCHANANA) “I was very small about 13-year old when I started taking in drug and now, I am 24-years. If I do not have money to smoke drugs I can steal or do anything just to smoke the drugs. Some of the drug that I smoke cost  L$500.00  while others cost L$250.00 and I smoke more than 10 a day.” Daniel Lloyd reveals.

Like Daniel most youths in Liberia are engaging into drugs usage due to several factors which they described as peer- pressure, counseling, lack of parental guidance, harsh laws amongst others.

During the observance of International day against drug and illicit trafficking in Liberia which was also observed in Grand Bassa County several youths explained how the substance has negatively redirected their lives and called for support to rehabilitate them.

Encouraging most drugs abusers to desist from their acts was the Deputy Commander of the Drug Enforcement Agency in Grand Bassa County Mr. Amos Jasper.

According to him, the act of taking in drugs is awful because it destroys the brain cells and encourage one to doing things contrary that would damage their future.

“The fabric of our society has been destroy because those who we depend on as future leaders of our country have gone down to the drain due to drugs; so I came to admonish you so that you  can be fruitful in society for the betterment of our country.” Mr. Amos Jasper lamented.

Sounding more convincing to the youths mainly the disadvantage people referred to in Liberia as ‘ZOGOS’ Mr. Jasper admonished them to say no to  drug  and other dangerous substances abuse because it makes people mad and destroy lives.

The Deputy LDEA Commander encouraged them to be productive because they would even serve as Representatives, Senators, Journalists, Bankers, Teachers among others in the society.

Mr. Jasper added. “Drug make you brave, it causes you to commit crimes, it destroys your future, makes you sick. So, say no to drug abuse because it is dangerous.”

He spoke on the team, “Better Knowledge for Better Care” at program marking the celebration of International Day against drug and illicit trafficking held at the pavilion on the fairgrounds in Buchanan.

The LDEA boss  message seems to resonate with some of the participants attending the  ceremony as they called for a more robust program to discourage them from such hobbits.

Speaking to KMTV, some of the disadvantaged youths including Jeremiah David, 20, Henry Junior, 15, Abraham Sackie, 24, Daniel Lloyd, 24, Vanney Sheriff,31, among others said that they have spent over four years abusing drugs while others said have spent between ten to sixteen years in the act.

As for Vanney Sheriff, 31 year old  who hails from Margibi County said, “The drug habit that I’m in, I want to desist because we’re wasting our life and time, no benefit I have gotten from smoking drug about 17 years now.”

Sheriff is a 11 grade drop out from the  Zion Assembly of God School and said if they have counselling and support programs it will encourage them out of such hobbits and make them a better person in society.

Another young Liberian Abraham Sackie wants rehabilitation quickly by the George Weah government aimed at helping them out of their condition. Said  Sackie “We need our Liberian government to come and take us to a rehabilitation center so that we can leave the street.”

Also not mincing his words was Henry Smith Junior, who explained his long partnership with drugs and other dangerous substances.  “I got in drug smoking since 2001 and I am 38 years of age now with 5 children. To leave the habit is very difficult because of the number of years I have been taking in the drugs. A day I smoke not less than 10 to 15 load of drugs.“

The huge quantity of illicit drugs in Liberia is increasing everyday as government is complaining about porous boarders couple with support and other enforcement powers and making the crime a billable crime.



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