Diaspora Liberian Decontee Doe donates motor-wheelchair worth US 900.00


Decontee Doe, a Diaspora Liberian basing in the United States of America on Sunday November 3, 2019 presented a motor wheelchair to a disable (Gregory Cooper ).

The Diaspora Liberian has started a journey of humanitarian as a means of giving back to his own society (Liberia ).

The donation of the motor wheelchair worth over 9,000 United Staes Dollars is among some of the donations that have affected communities, Churches, schools among others.

The presentation of the motor wheelchair and other materials to said institutions according to Decontee Doe came after being inspired by songs of Liberia popular HipCo Artist Jonathan Koffa commonly known as Tarkon J.

Though he was not specific about which song of Tarkon J. that led to his inspiration to make his U turn to his country , but highlighted the Hipco Artist songs as songs of role model that Liberian musicians to follow suit.

Mr. Doe told news searchers that working in the spirit of giving back to society of origin is vital especially in the face of hard economic challenges .

He pointed out that as a striving Liberian prior to his ascendancy to the US saw and felt the pain of sufferings, something according to him is disgusting for a nation like Liberia.

The US base Liberian disclosed that the donations of the motor wheelchair and others to disables, communities, schools, churches are initial step to his gesture for the country.

” I have other plans for the country and will be implemented to the fullest”he said.

With the little earning while in the US, Decontee lamented will be used to help promote other programs for the betterment of the country.

Meanwhile, the Popular Liberian Hipco Artist Jonathon Koffa CKA Tarkon J. amazingly expressed gratitude to the Diaspora Liberian for the step taken.

According to Tarkon J , move of such by Decontee Doe should be a driving tool other Diaspora Liberians who have the hand should consider.

The Liberia musician however pledged his commitment in preaching messages in his songs that will bring forth light to the country.

On the other hand, the beneficiary of the over 9,000 USD motor wheelchair thanked the concern Liberian (Decontee Doe) for his remarkable gesture which according to him is never going to be forgotten.

“It is my first time for someone to do this especially in our county” , the beneficiary told reporters.

Gregory Cooper who received the motor wheelchair wants able hand Liberians venture into positive things that will help their colleagues for life extension.