Did you know there are innovative Liberians out there making an impact?


“I believe in women’s empowerment, and support the idea of women doing whatever they want to grow ( positively)”. Those were the exact words of, one of Liberia’s fascinating fashion designers, Morrinna T. Gbessagee. Morrinna Gbessagee is a Liberian fashion designer and CEO of Rinna’s Clothing, and a junior student at the BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design in Accra, Ghana. Gbessagee grew up as a kid who loves art and creativity. “Growing up and making tiny clothes and dressing my dolld, was my favourite hobby,” she said. In 2017, Gbessagee opened her own fashion brand, Rinna’s Clothing, a Liberian fashion brand based in Liberia and Ghana. The goal of the fashion brand is to promote Liberian fashion both locally and internationally. According to Morrinna, her band has showcased on national and international platforms like: Mercedes- BenZ fashion week, one of the biggest fashion shows in Ghana among others. The fashion-conscious designer noted there were lot of challenges and there will always be challenges! “Sometimes I feel depressed and lonely, but never ever felt like giving up! I just work, work and work, and always trying to learn new designs. I always encourage my friends and younger ones to set their goals and work towards it.” She added that, if a girl enjoys cooking and wants to become a chef cook, that’s her passion. “If she enjoys singing, or dancing that’s her passion. I encourage women to go and get their passion”. Women this is our time! You’re smart, beautiful and most importantly your mind is more powerful than your body! You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Be your best at everything, you’re a Queen!