Disadvantage & Vulnerable Youth Is a National Security Threat, Warns Senator Dillon

Senator Abraham Dillon
Senator Abraham Dillon

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has described as National Security threat the vulnerability of young people popularly known as Zogos across Liberia.

According to him if nothing is done to seek their welfare, Rehabilitation and protection the Country’s security will be at stick.

Currently he observed that they are live on drugs and other harmful substances as such their sense of rationalization is gone, nothing that there is a need to arrest the situation now.

He stressed that the young future leaders hope have now been endanger as a result of drug addiction which they crave for on a daily basis.

“If they do not grow well now in terms of capacity building, soon, the number of those who are in Schools will drastically reduce and the empowerment and capacity building growth rate of the population will be greatly affected”, noted Senator Dillon.

The Montserrado County Lawmaker emphasized that it is now the duty of National Government, National and Policy Makers to now work together and craft the appropriate policies and design befitting programs to help address the urgent issue before it is too late.

He said he is passionate to Rehabilitate and transform the future leaders of Liberia to become productive citizens for tomorrow.

Mr. Dillon told reporters at a press conference Tuesday, December 3, 2019 that it will be mistaken to under estimate the danger of allowing the vulnerable youthful population branded as zogos to grow.

He said rehabilitating them now is more important than to build huge infrastructures which if they are not transformed the (Zogos) will in return over power the society and destroyed those infrastructures.

It has over the period been over stated that it is an alarming security concern if the welfare and rehabilitation of vulnerable young people many of whom are living on drugs and other harmful substances are not taken seriously in Liberia.

As part of effort to help gradually address the situation at hand, the Montserrado County Senator has embarked on a campaign to bring together Women of the disadvantage youth (Zogos) in one compound with the aim of transforming and rehabilitating them for the betterment of society.

According to him if it will require him through his effort to rehabilitate and transform one of them, he will be glad to so because he sees it as duty to society.

In the wake of his endeavor, there are other organizations and institutions including national government who are also embarking on similar initiative yet the number of vulnerable young people commonly known as Zogos who are living on drugs and other harmful substances continue to rise especially in major and popular Cities across Liberia as concrete and practical steps as well as collective action needs to be taken to help address the issue to ensure the society is save for living.