District #4 Crowned Champions of Nimba in Football and Kickball


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah

It was a very colorful moment at the Gompa Sports Stadium on Sunday evening as Twah-River District #4 were named champions of Nimba County in both football and kickball categories.

They won the prestigious District League tournament after beating District #8 in kickball and District #9 in the football category to seal the trophies.

In kickball, the girls of Twah-river succeeded against District #8 by a narrow 5-4 home run after seven innings apiece.


The football actions were totally different as District #4 were in a better position to defend their championship against their regular rivals District #9, in the presence of their lawmaker, Rep. Gonpue L. Kargon who was a motivation in the background for them.

District #9 held the defending champions to a goalless first half, though District 4 was the better side in the first half.

Following their return from the break, both sides were even more tactical in keeping their backyard secured from danger.

Despite the huge crowd at the stadium, there was complete silence as fans eagerly awaited a curtain-raiser.

The wait was over as District #4 captain Emmanuel Wehyee broke the deadlock 18 minutes into the second-half sending the defending champions in front. The goal was his fourth goal of the festival.

Not being deterred, District #9 reconsolidated and mounted more pressure, frequently using counter-attacks.

They finally got a deserving equalizer after Shaarawy Sackie beat down District #4’s Bangalee Turay from the far left extreme into the area where a hot right footed shot flipped over the head of goalkeeper Junior Yeanaye right on the near post, three minutes before Sylvina Garnet’s final whistle.

The two sides went to a post-match spot-kicks after the 90′ minutes draw.

Rep. Kargon’s boys eventually defeated the warriors of District #9 3-2 at the entertaining spot-kicks.

Thanks to goalkeeper Yeanaye, for four beautiful saves out of six kicks.

District 4 have now been crowned champions of Nimba County for the second time in their history, a record only District #9 could boast of.