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Doctors gives government 72 hours ultimatum to address their multiple plights, else!

The Liberia Medical and Dental Association has given government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health seventy two hours ultimatum to reinstate about forty six doctors whose names were removed from on the payroll on grounds that they are ghosts across the Country.
Dr.Hart argued that the affected doctors are fully working tirelessly across the country just to safe lives,contrary to the government through the health ministry claimed that they are ghosts.
According to him why his colleagues are requesting on upgrading their salaries unfortunately a ghost new surface, something he termed as unfair and disappointing.
In addition to their demands, they want a full regularization of the incentives and salaries of the affected doctors.
Dr.Hart speaking at a news conference named some of the challenges that they are faced with as: The lack of insurance coverage and life benefits,Low salary/incentives received at the end of the month compare to Ministers,Directors and many others though they are saving lives.
He explained further that the nature of the job that they performed which is associated with high risk conditions as well as infectious and communicable diseases,making reference to the just ended Ebola crisis which took away many doctors and health workers lives,unlike Ministers and other senior government officials ,Dr.Hart noted.
Additionally he indicated that the environment within which doctors work is unsatisfactory to include: the lack of basic laboratory and diagnostic modalities to enhance patients care and recovery and many more.
The decision by the doctors were reached after the end of the second bi monthly meeting with members of the Liberia Medical and Dental Association held in Ganta City,Nimba County on April 28th 2018.
In a more clearer tune Dr. Hart told reporters that what they have agreed upon by the entire body is a resolution not a petition meaning it is incumbent upon the government to promptly act in the best interest of all Liberians,we are not begging anymore rather,we are demanding because it is our right and we deserve it,LMDA secretary general intoned.
It can be recalled in 2016 that the professional doctors raised similar concerns to national government and they were promised that said issues would have been addressed but up till press time the situation is getting increasingly worrisome.
What is more regrettable according to the President of the LMDA Dr. Louis Kpoto is whenever they raised said issues to the needed authority they usually suffered the consequences but this time around they will not relent until they plights are addressed,enough is enough, she added.
Both Dr. Hart and Dr. Kpoto distributed copies of several communications to the media which were submitted to past and current relevant authorities to ensure said issues are addressed but all according to the communications copies of which we have,all efforts proven fruitless.
The old age problems of doctors welfare has re-surface in the pro poor government but this time around in a more worrisome faction.
Currently Liberia has about three hundred doctors two hundred of that number are practicing yet the condition under which they are working has not been improved.
If their demands are not met and looking at the already challenging health situation across the Country, Liberia could be facing another national health crisis.
Julius Konton
Julius Kontonhttps://kmtvliberia.com
I am Julius N. Konton Sr. a young and creative Liberian Journalist with over ten years of practical experience in the field of Journalism both from the electronic and print media end respectively. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication with emphasis in Political Science and also achieved several awards and certificates in the field of Journalism. Email: julius.konton@gmail.com Cell: +231776311835/+231886959548

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