Donors’ Finance in Limbo as USD $158K Market Building Abandoned in Maryland County


By: Bryan Dioh  (Correspondent Maryland County)

A modern market building has been abandoned in Maryland County after its opening for use by marketers at the Liberian – Ivorian Doukudi International Border.

Construction of the market came after a peaceful meeting between the Ivorian and Liberian Governments in Gekolo, Ivory Coast, during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

According to reports, a project to construct a bridge over the Cavalla River bordering Ivory Coast and Liberia along with the construction of the current abandoned Modern Market Building was reached under the African Development Bank(AFDB)and Manor River Union Transport Founded Projects.

Ivory Coast, as part of the same agreement and arrangement, received the construction of a modern Security facility which is currently been use by the Ivorian Government.

As part of the agreement a Modern Market building which was constructed at the Doukudi International Border located in Liberia is yet to be used by business people for whom it was constructed.

The USD$158,669.17 Dollars project upon completion was turned over to Maryland County local authorities by the contractor.

Ministry of Public Works was represented by its Deputy Minister for Construction and World Bank Representatives for onward turn-over to businesses’ owners who normally commute to Ivory Coast for business purposes.

Maryland County Superintendent, George A. Prowd, had several consultations with the Ivorian Government and mostly Market authorities on hope of getting Ivorians through the cross border trade which is still existing between Liberia and Ivory Coast to serve Liberians with good and services at the Market.

It’s mainly residents of Doukudi, who every week Thursday, export locally made cane juice and other products to Ivory Coast for business transactions. Residents have since refused to use the market for business purpose thou allowing bush to take over the modern Market.

According to the Gbeh Budu Market Superintendent – Alphonso Wallce, he has on several occasions engaged marketers to make use of the market for boosting of Liberia’s economy but to no avail.

“We have talked to them over and over and again to use this market my brother, but they are not still listening to us. I don’t know why and what should we do now, and the money they used to build the market is so plenty that sometimes I’m worried and think if they were going to build this market another place, it was going to be better.” Alphonso Wallce said.

Alphonso meanwhile frowned at some business people in Maryland; he described as enemies to the Liberia economy. He indicated that many Liberians believe in building other Country’s economy. rather than theirs, describing there actions as worrisome.

“My brother, those we think suppose to build this country economy’s are people rushing to Ivory Coast just to sell every time. They take fish, liquor and other products to Ivory Coast every Thursday to sell instead of selling in our market here to allow the money remain here.” He said.

The Market Superintendent meanwhile stated that several Ivorian Petty traders and business personals have agreed to use the Market, but was quick to point out that until it is being used by Liberians first, they wouldn’t cross over to Liberia with their businesses to use the Market.

He mentioned that discussions are still being held with Liberia businesses owners for use of the market as it remains abandoned until Liberians desist from crossing over to Ivory Coast to trade.