Don’t Waste your time and money Representative Saah Joseph sounds early warning to would be Senatorial Candidates as Representative Acarous Gray heads campaign team.

“In the spirit of Unity, Party Discipline and many others, I Acarous Moses Gray Representative of District eight Montserrado County today retrieved my Senatorial ambition and therefore pledge to support my colleague Saah Joseph for the Senate” , he added.
Speaking at the Mini endorsement ceremony Representative Gray told a huge political gathering that his support is real, clear and as testimony to that he committed himself to becoming the campaign chair of Representative Joseph for Senate Campaign team.
He assured his partisans that he will work tirelessly rain or shine to ensure Representative Saah Joseph is elected Senator of Montserrado County.
He Bragged further that he has went to many political battles/competitions and he has won all, lost non and drew non, noting that similar history will be repeated.
According to him the interest of the Party is key and he is confident that the district thirteen Representative can make a good Senator for the people.
He urged all of his supporters to join him and ensure that the ruling party maintains its seat at the Liberian Senate.
“Party Politics is important at the National Legislative as such having more Cdicians as Lawmakers is an added advantage to the ruling party” , he noted.
His decision he told partisans of the CDC was reached after close and constructive consultations with party officials and executives including the standard bearer George Weah.
He clarified that he was not coerced to back off but in the spirit of unity, Party discipline he decided to retrieve from the process, the district eight Lawmaker indicated.
In a laughable manner he intoned that there’s a difference between retrieving from a battle then been caught and used as either Prisoners of War or for assassination purposes, in this case Lawmaker Gray noted that he was retrieving for a worthy cause all in the interest of the Party and its people.
Gray historicized additionally that he has always supported Representative Joseph dating back as early as 2011,adding that it is not a strange thing to do for him especially in a man he truly believes in and what he has done and is doing for the people of Liberia.
Responding to his decision Saah Joseph thanked his colleague for making a wise and patriotic decision in the interest of the Party and its people.
In a more confident tune Joseph sounded a warning to would be Senatorial candidates not to waste their money because in his words the election is over.
He said his work done over the years are testimonies that he will win a landslide victory.
Joseph praised his colleague Gray for adding more weight to his Senatorial ambition.
Speaking at the headquarters of the CDC Representative Joseph disclosed plans to help improve the health care delivery system of the Country.
He said he was recently instructed by President Weah to place a phone call to one of his partners in the United States of America after which he got a favorable response from his counter parts.
As a result of the communication he added that over one hundred containers of medical equipment and other health related supplies will be shipped into the Country,noting that as of December there will be no need for Liberians to go out of the country to seek advance medication.
Additionally he noted that health equipment are currently in the Country for the 14 Military hospital at the Edward Beyan Kesselly Barrack training site (B) as official work at the site after the Mondays ground breaking ceremony will begin in about three weeks time.
In the wake of addressing the financial issues to ensure the commencement of the bi election which was created as a result the election of President George Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor respectively the ruling party looks set and is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that she maintains her seat.
Currently constitutional issues appears to be the order of the with the legal time frame set up to conduct the election is drawing closer.
However the ruling party Chair Mulbah Morlu did not officially accept the full endorsement of Saah Joseph as the Party’s candidate for the ensuring Senatorial bi election but promise to consult with top officials of the Party to come up with final decision.
Nevertheless he has promised to be the forth political soldier to lead the campaign.
In the meantime a proposed primary and subsequent endorsement ceremony is expected to take place on Saturday hopefully by the party to see who becomes the face of the CDC for the pending Senatorial bi election.
Historically Montserrado County since 2005 has been the political strong hold of the ruling party evidence of election results over the past years by the NEC something among other things prompted Representative Joseph to sound a warning to would be Senatorial Candidates not to waste their time because the election which has not been conducted but he noted is over in his favor.
Currently there few names surfacing for the post and one of such is Bernard Benson owner of Hot fm/TV and a renowned Liberian disc jockey and entertainer.
All eyes are watching to see how the political festivity will play as the National Election Commission is awaiting funding to begin the process soon.