Double Mysterious Murder in Sinoe County


Reported By: Mark Gray (Sinoe County Correspondent)

A 45-year-old man, Robert Yargbahwolo Domah has reportedly killed his wife and committed suicide on Sunday night in Planaiebo Town, Seekon District Sinoe County.

Sinoe County Commander of Police in Tarjuowon District Bill Pyne told KMTV they gathered that the late Domah used a single barrel gun to kill his wife and used the same gun to shoot himself in the stomach dead.

Explaining the Mistry, Commander Pyne said it is believed that Domah killed his wife Susanah Wanyonoh Wah, age 49, following arguments and pointed the gun to his stomach and pulled the trigger of the single barrel gun with his toe.

“I received a mobile called early Monday morning telling me oh chief, Pyne you need to come quick here in Planiebo, two persons were discovered dead this morning and we don’t know what really happened. So I quickly informed my boss in Greenville, and other officers assigned along with me.

When we arrived at the scene, through our investigation, we found out that Robert Domah used a single barrel and killed his girlfriend, and killed himself with the same gun using his toes to pull the trigger with the gun pointed at his stomach” the Police boss said.

According to some residents, the couple was last seen Sunday around 9 pm at the Planaieble Mount Calvary Baptist Church where they were settling a dispute between themselves.

“We saw them at the Baptist Church here, they were resolving some problems they had; because what we heard was that the woman reported the man to the Pastor, because he pregnant another woman,” Mr. Saturday Farley one of the residents of the town stated.

Also speaking J.N Bayon, Pastor of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church said, he received a complaint from his late Church member Susannah Wah on the late Friday evening complaining her husband who was also a member of the church of impregnating another woman in the town.

Pastor Bayon said, he then arranged a meeting on Sunday with both parties involved and the problem was resolved. He said the couple happily walked home but he was shocked to hear the death news of the couple early Monday morning.

KMTV reporter tried inquiring from the deceased neighbors as to whether there were any verbal or physical clashes or the sound of a gunshot from the home of the late couple, but the residents said they did not hear sounds of gun firing within the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, some citizens are finding it hard to believe that Mr. Domah killed his wife and took away his own life. Some residents believed that the couple might have been killed by an unknown individual. The residents are therefore calling for an investigation into the matter with urgency.

“How will that man use that long single barrel to pull the trigger and shoot in his stomach and for what reason will he kill his wife when they have already handled the issue? There must be an outside link, so we’re calling on the Police to do a proper investigation into this matter,” a resident Cyrus Saydee said.

 Investigation continues….