Bong County Senator Tokpa Provides FM Transmitter to Radio Zota Hope


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong Correspondent)

Bong County Senator and Chair on Autonomous Agencies at the Liberian Senate Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa, has restored the hope of radio Zota as he provides over five thousand United States Dollars equipment (400kilowatts) to sunlit up the institution.

The lone community radio station in Zota District went off about four years now according to a report due to the nonexistence of the transmitter, as the only one that served the institution over the past got damaged.

Since the station went off, the People of Zota have had no means of attaining information on local happenings from their communities, a situation many people described as an act of “being in darkness.”

But the Bong County Senator, following an appeal from local authorities of Zota, paid for an original Italian made FM transmitter in an effort to recommence standard broadcast activities at the institution.

“After I became Senator, I decided to do a Countywide tour to appreciate all of my people for voting for me in the 2018 by-election, and on that tour, it was my decision to kill cows in every district that I go.

That appreciation continued in almost all the Districts in Bong County; but when we planned the Zota appreciation program, the people of the District told me not to buy them cow but I should instead use the money and buy a transmitter for the only FM  Radio station in Zota, so I listened to them and did exactly what they requested,” Dr. Tokpa explained during the dedication of the materials in Zota.

He said as a servant leader, it was good that he listened to his people because they are his direct employers; maintaining that “a leader who listens, never fails.”

The Former Cuttington University President said, the media is a foremost contributing dynamic to every Nation and as such, the need for community radio stations to be buttressed is very solicitous.

According to him, his quest to keep supporting community developments across Bong County remains unbending, and will always listen to the people of Zota and Bong County at large.

Dr. Tokpa then challenged the management of the station to help maintain the station and always be professional in their reportage.

“Don’t engage in negative Journalism, blackmailing people is not good journalism but only sparks divisiveness and undermines the process of a state. Please verify all of your information and don’t let someone use your platform to insult or spread lies against others” he adds.

He said he is a victim of falsehood and will not want the Radio Zota Journalists to preach hate messages on their platform.

At the same time, Bong County District#4 Representative, Robert Flomo Womba, extended commendations to Senator Henrique F. Tokpa for the gesture to his district.

“Dr. I want to say thank you so much, I hope that people who have been saying that Dr. Tokpa has abandoned Zota will be the one to spread the message of your gesture. I trust you that is why I stood with you and I know that you will always support me in helping the people of electoral District number four” Rep. Womba maintained.

Making remakes, Zota District Commissioner Arthur Kpoleh described Dr. Tokpa’s gesture as a downing of a new day in their lives.

Mr. Tokpa promised to set up a Board of Trustees that will ensure the full operation of the radio station in the best interest of the District’s citizens.

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