Drugs and other unwholesome substances arrested at the Monrovia central prison.

Liberia’s prison facilities appeared to be vulnerable despite some efforts from joint security team including relevant agencies of Government.
Well in less than a month huge drugs and other unwholesome substances valued at about 3million were arrested at the Country’s biggest prison facility, the Monrovia Central Prison in complete violation of the VCR code of conduct.
According to Assistant Justice Minister for Corrections and Rehabilitation Eddie Trawally they are making frantic efforts to help clean all prison facilities across the Country before full execution of the Government rehabilitation program.
As part of said exercise he added that through the assistance of their joint rapid response team including members of the intelligence bureau at the Ministry of Justice they were on today Monday June 11,2018 able to arrest huge quantity of drugs to include marijuana,cocaine, Halloween and other unwholesome substances which are considered contraband at the compound of the Monrovia central prison.
Other unwholesome substances arrested were:Huge quantity of cellphones, scissors and many others.
The arrest of the drugs and other unwholesome substances,he stated is the second of its kind in less than one month at the Monrovia central prison.
Assistant Minister Trawally told reporters that despite whatever challenges they are experiencing, they are prepared and stand ready to wage full skill war on those he branded as elements in the drug cartel business at various prison facilities across Liberia.
“Those who are seeking the downfall of this Government and national security, we will expose them and the law will take it course”,he noted.
Trawally during the turning over of the drugs to the Drug Enforcement Agency averred that upon the instruction and approval of Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean an expeditious criminal investigation on those linked to the drug saga is ongoing and needed appropriate action will be taken subsequently.
Currently one of the officers in person of Moses Varney has been identified in connection to drugs trafficking at the Monrovia central prison.
Preliminary investigation according to Assistant Minister Trawally show that additional four officers are also linked to said crime as the director at the Monrovia central prison Edwin McGill promised that they will leave no stone unturned in addressing such issue.
Mr.McGill says their response team will extent to other prison facilities across Liberia in a move to completely clean all prison facilities before implementing their rehabilitation program.
In a more worrisome mood deputy Director General at the Drug Enforcement Agency Sabastine Gibson termed as troubling the discovery of drugs and other unwholesome substances at the Monrovia central prison which is perceived to be overly protected by the ordinary people.
He said the entry of the drugs and other unwholesome substances should claim the attention of all for the peace, security and wellbeing of the Country and its people.
He recommended to the Justice for the deployment of three DEA officers at the Monrovia central prison in a move to Assist the correction officers in climbing down high on drug traffickers.
The total value of the drugs and other substances were not made know today but the DEA through its deputy boss Gibson promised to make that available on June 26,2018 during the disposal period.
He however assured Liberians and his bosses that the drugs are safe and untouchable.
The misuse and abuse of drugs and other unwholesome substances mainly amongst young people is increasingly alarming and worrisome in the Country as urgent and tangible steps are needed by the government to tackle said national security issue.