Dull Vision, Deputy Press Secretary Describes Senator Johnson’s Prophesy


The  office of the Presidential Press Secretary has described as Dull vision/prophesy and allegation by Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson that President George Weah will rig the 2023 elections.

According to Deputy Press Secretary Smith Toby the Nimba Lawmaker spoke out of angry and needs to go back to bed and see if similar prophesy will be repeated.

He reflected that Senator Johnson usually make such public statements whenever he feels that things are not going his way.

Mr. Toby disclosed that Senator Johnson as part of the political marriage with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change submitted some names of his partisans to President Weah for appointment but said names or listing for employment is being carefully looked out but Smith noted that such will take time something he indicated the lawmaker can not bear patient for it to happen.

Senator Johnson he said is a good friend of the president and Minister McGill and wonders why is he always in rush.

“President Weah will not rig any election, He will go to the process in a free, fair and transparent manner and he trust the National Elections Commission to do it work to the core”, Smith pointed out.

He further clarified that there is no plan whatsoever in place by President Weah neither the political establishment to rig election as claimed by Nimba Senator Prince Johnson.

It can be recalled that the Nimba lawmaker during a tour of his  University project in Nimba County recently announced through a prophesy that President Weah will rig the 2023 elections just to remain in power.

He allege moreover that there will be a chaos,destruction and confusion  as the people will be dissatisfied, however Deputy Press Secretary has trashed out such claims and has harshly responded by instructing the Senator and man of God to go back and seek the face of God right for the betterment of his biblical word.

“ Go back to bed and listen well, maybe you did not hear the Lord well or is misinterpreting him, Smith asserted.

He wonders if the Lord who is protecting Liberia’s current peace will allow chaos in the land, he stressed.

In another development President George Weah will early next year begin his County tour to appreciate the people of Liberia after the just ended elections process.

The move is also intended to among other things  take the Government to the people.

Meanwhile the government of Liberia through the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment ( LAC) has completed the signing of a 3.8m USD project with the Japanese government  for the construction of a modern Duala Market project.

Mr. Toby also providing reasons for the dismissal of governor Alice Weah of the Borough of New Kru Town alleged that madam Weah disrespected the Liberian Leader something he said the president will not condume.

According to him madam Weah was angry and as well under the influence of alcohol when the president visited the Borough of New Kru Town at which time she asked why the president did not informed her before going to Popo Beach something he noted was disrespectful and unacceptable to the president.

Though she has since apologize and regretted her action but Smith added that it is now too late for her.