ECC Chair Oscar Bloh wants current constitution repeal,says it does not reflect present day reality


The Chair of the Election Coordinating Committee (ECC) Oscar Bloh says the best way out to proceed with this Country is to have a sober reflection and to comprehensively review Liberia’s constitution.
According to him the current legal instrument of Liberia does not conformed to present day reality as such it should be repeal.
He said no amount of money is bigger then abiding by the rule of Law.
Speaking on the program the Konton Show Wednesday Mr. Bloh recommend the revisitation of all complicated issues within the 1986 constitution and come up with a very comprehensive legal framework that will include for example: Land rights issues, natural resources management and political parties formation which he noted when done will reflect present day reality and help address some of the Country’s constitutional issues.
On the issue of the joint resolution by the legislature to give way for the holding of the by-election the ECC boss termed such as illegal and a bad precedent to set.
“No provision should violate the constitution”, he intone.
Bloh said that Countries around the world with a very strong democracy were only built and succeeded by the consolidation of the rule of law something he wants Liberia to practice.
In the absence of that he added that Liberia will be setting a bad precedence for future generation.
” We will go to the Supreme Court to ask them to interpret whether in the case of economic or financial constrains if the Lawmakers have the Right to undo a constitutional provision,whatever decision that will come out,we will abide by it,” he noted.
He reflected historically that the current constitution was never tested because it came out from a detactorial regime this he added is now giving the country several problems which needs to be looked out the legal way.
“Let’s take our time,built on the work done by the constitution review committee headed by Cllr.Gloria Scott and form a team that will work together to have a solid constitution which will be on par with Countries In Africa or the region”,Oscar added.
He said election now a day is very expensive as such instead of picking and choosing certain provision for amendment, let it be done once and for all even if it will take five years,but let the best and right thing be done,let the Liberian people have the right to ho and vote yes or no,he indicated.

Contrary to that the human right expert told newsman that it will undermine the very fabrics of the rule of law.
The ECC after the climax of the 2017 general election recommended key points going forward for the improvement of future election to include: The amendment of the election day to create space for all parties to participate,including free movement of logistical materials of the National Election Commission, the Amendment of article 83(a) which gives judicial power to the NEC,meaning the election body can’t be the respondent of a case and at the same time the investigators,in this regard the establishment of the electoral tribunal is the best wat out,ECC noted.
Finally the establishment of new election law amongst others.
Until all these can be worked on in the interest of the people,Liberia still have a long way to go in terms of conforming to regional or international legal/constitutional standards.,Oscar noted.