Edwin Kanneh Admits: “We Didn’t Follow Minister Wilson’s Instruction” The Other Side Of The Beaches and Water Ways Project Investigation


Latest Investigation into the Beaches and Water ways project has unearthed that coordinators of the project did not abide by Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilsons’ instruction contrary to what region one coordinator George Young previously informed the media.

According to region two coordinator,  Edwin G.V Kanneh they violated the Minister’s instruction and did their own thing by adding more names into the project something that led to the paddling of the payroll and has subsequently brought more financial burden on the Government.

“I am a community leader and will not do anything that will hunt me in the future as such let me admit that we did not follow the Minister’s mandate not to add names on the payroll, it was our own decision we took as leaders so I wondered why will my colleague George Young misinformed the public and refused to say the reality.”Edwin told our reporter on Friday June 19, 2020.

Mr. Kanneh attributed their unilateral decision to political pressure from the other end though they were clearly instructed not to do so.

Commenting on the high number of people who were paid as of March and April 2020 amounting to 5000 instead of 3000 originally, he  alleged that all of the coordinators of the project including the national supervisor Beyah Johnson took the decision to include additional 2000 people who were not paid in 2018.

He said they needed to benefit from the 2019 payment; which came in 2020 as such they did what they did but again without the knowledge of Minister Wilson.

The Region two coordinator stressed that base on their decision some of the workers took home $30, $40 $50 and $60 USD respectively only to ensure that others benefit from their labor though their regular payment is $70.00usd.

In the wake of the saga national Government has agreed to resume the project as of July 1, 2020 but with a sizable number that they can control in a more organized form in order to avoid the recurrence of the current unfolding.

It is now established by region two coordinator Edwin Kanneh that they were not permitted to add names on the payroll though they did.

However, they are now claiming that the Government owe them $5.5m since 2018 even though some of the workers came on the project according to Kanneh and Young later in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Meanwhile, the Government of Liberia has so far agreed to pay them but on a negotiation settlement of only four months as modalities are now work out on how it should be done.

The question now is in the absence of proper documentation, who actually amongst the workers will received what and for which specific months, they will be paid for.

Investigation continues…