Eggs scarcity hits local market.

Liberia’s local market is said to be experiencing a major and alarming shortage of eggs .
Egg is one of the key products on the local market that many consumers go for due to its importance.
It produces protein for the body and is widely consumed in Liberia especially at shops, stores and in other communities.
Unlike in the past a cart of egg is now sold for 800.00 Liberian dollars instead of 400.00ld previously, this many consumers termed as worrisome for them.
Currently the price of one egg is not fix as some people put the price at 40. 00 Liberian dollars while others are selling it at fifty Liberian dollars respectively.
Despite the local production of eggs on the market the recent shocking scarcity raises more questions than answers.
Businessman turns politician Benoni Urey’s Farm, the Wulki’s Farm was notorious for the production of eggs on the local market but it has been observed that after the just ended elections the product is so far relatively not seen at several business centers.
Liberia over the period has imported more of what she eats than what she grows despite having a very rich soil.
The Agriculture sector according to some consumers are not making maximum use of the soil to ensure that Liberia feeds itself.
On the other hand several farmers across the globe have complained of the lack of support to enhance their productivity.
They named some of challenges as lack of equipment or tools to work with including the lack of farm to market roads which most often affects their effectiveness.
In the wake of the current nightmare several Liberians are appealing to National Government to see the need to strengthen the Agriculture sector and make Liberia self sufficient in food production especially making use of its rich soil.
Additionally President Weah in his platform promised to help revamp the sector to ensure the Country helps its people.
Agriculture is one of the pillars that helps any Country in its fast growth and development process and if the CDC led Government can work and address some of the challenges of the sector Liberia can ably and gradually move forward.