Election Should Not Separate Us, President Weah Cautions Liberians


President George Weah is appealing to Liberians to remain peaceful during this election period.

Speaking at the Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church Sunday in Paynesville, President Weah condemned Saturday’s electoral violence in Grand Cape Mount County, where two vehicles were set ablaze.

Mr Weah assured Liberians that all those involved in Saturday’s act will be prosecuted according to the law, regardless of who is involved.

The President said it is saddening and disappointing to see Liberians fighting among themselves, after all, they been through.

Mr Weah appealed to all political parties including the ruling  CDC to speak with their Partisans to keep the peace.

The Liberian leader urged all Liberians to vote peacefully, go back home, and listen to the results which will be announced by the National Election Commission.

The President stressed that peace is the only way to move the country forward as he warned Liberians that the NEC is the only authorized institution to announce election results and no one else.

President Weah advised that it is wrong for the people of Liberia to fight among themselves in the name of giving power to an individual or a political party.

“Election should not separate us,” President Weah cautioned Liberians.

The President pledged his government’s support to keep the country’s fragile peace and asked all Liberians to do the same.

The Liberian leader reminded his people of the country’s brutal past and cautioned that they must learn about the danger associated with violence.