EPA Predicts Huge Flooding This Year IF..


The Environmental Protection agency (EPA) says the massive encroachment of wet lands by some Liberians including huge waste in drainages and other areas may cause more flooding in 2019.

Nathaniel Blama head of EPA made specific reference to wet land areas as the: Car Wash- Old Road junction area including the Roberts International Airport High Way amongst others.

The EPA boss blamed some Liberians to the constant building in wet lands which is causing some environmental issues for them.

He wants more budgetory support to the EPA to help further monitor and improve the sector.

Mr.Blama at the same time warned Liberians not to build in wet lands because it is also to their environmental disadvantage.

He wonders why will people leave other dry lands and go about building in troubling areas like wet lands which in fact is a government land.

On the issue of drainage, the EPA boss frown at people who normally throw dirt in drainages and other unlawful areas there-by creating serious problems for the free flow of water and other passage and is as well having great effect on the environment.

Blama pointed out that it is time for the public works ministry to step up to their games and help in launching and or re-introducing the land classification and zooning programs which he noted can help address the issue.

He said people need to know how and where to build and know what they should not do at all.
The EPA Boss told reporters that there should be a residential,commercial and other areas, well structured so that the LRA can identify how to levied taxes which will help them to subsequently generate more revenue for the Country.
Blama brags that despite limited support his monitors are on the field working hard to supervised the sector.

He at the same time challenged his employees to get ready to work more in 2019 to help transform the sector for the better.

Currently the EPA is said to be working on finishing touches to launch the state of the environment report which has been lacking since five years ago.
He said the report will further guide data and statistical processes and information of the Country’s environment and will as well help in making informed decision in the sector.

The EPA head pledge to work with the media to effectively promote its activities and community outreach programs.