EPA Shuts Down Illegal & Unnamed  Business


The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday April 26, 2020 shut down what appears to be both a Mineral Water and Oil and Gas Company or Business in Monrovia.

The Business without a name neither a sign board to identify it, is currently located on 18th Street in Sinkor Beach side with a gigantic unpainted fence.

During its ongoing nationwide tour, the EPA team headed by its acting Executive Director Randall Dobayou after few minutes of delay was granted entry into the fence and discovered several Oil and Gas Trucks branded GEPCO INC, Srimex Oil and Gas as well as other huge water trucks but without names on them.

According to Mr. Dobayou, the company is operating illegally because their operations are not captured in the EPA’s data base.

In an interview with Reporters the acting EPA’s boss narrated that the unnamed company should have also obtained a permit before the commencement of activities, this he noted was not done.

Prior to their tour, he told reporters in compliance with section 95 of the Environmental and Management law of Liberia some of his inspectors went to the scene to do some filed assessment but were denied entry.

“We have embarked upon this campaign and it is the third of its kind since last week because we noticed that some people are using the global pandemic as a means to carryout illegal activities and this will not happen under our watch”, he added.

He termed the violation as multiple and stressed that the virus should not serve as a reason for people to get the environment degraded.

The young and energetic Acting Head of the EPA further maintained that it is against the law for people to unsustainably exploit ground water, and with the worst case scenario of not having an EPA’s permit.

He said rapid violation by unscrupulous people without formula must stop now and they at the EPA are committed to such task.

Justifying further he pointed out that the Water Sanitation and Hygiene Commission and the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation are also not in the know of the unnamed company’s operation, something he noted is unacceptable.

Though the accused claimed that they are not doing water business but during the tour reporters discovered a pole hold in the yard as well as heavy water, oil and gas trucks respectively many of whom looked active.

Meanwhile the security officer on ground during the tour refused to receive the shutdown permit by the EPA team, however and up till press time the unnamed company remains shut down until further notice.

According to Mr. Dobayou if an assessment is done and proves that the place is in compliance, the company will subsequently resume operations after following all of the necessary guidelines but for now it is temporarily shut down, he added.

The exercise he assured the public will continue as they remain unbinding in their quest to ensure that the environment is save for living.

Meanwhile original owners of the Businesses are yet to speak on the matter as according to the security on the ground who refused to accept the shutdown notice told reporters that that property hosting the unnamed companies belong to Bomi County Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr. while Srimex Oil and Gas is owned and operated by Musa H. Bility.