ERU takes on cleaning up campaign as it celebrates 11 years anniversary


The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Liberia National Police has begun a massive cleaning up campaign on various principle streets and roads in Monrovia and the county at large.

The move by the ERU is geared toward activating the spirit of momentum and unity in its festival.

The campaign according to Assistant Commissioner of Police is an annual event since the establishment of the force in the policing sector.

The anniversary is celebrated every October 3 of each year to remember those trainings that brought about their vibrancy.

The Assistant Commander of Police at the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Francis A. Williams in an exclusive interview told KMTV News that the service being provided by them is another move to community service outside of their scope of operations.

According to him, cleanliness should b a showcase project at all levels in the country with community dwellers taking the lead.

He addd that though leaders are blamed for filthiness in cities and communities but are generated from locals.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness and is about time we come together to make our environments clean” he noted.

In last year, the ERU was seen taking same initiative with different taste affecting this 11th year’s Anniversary celebration.

The vigilance of the police Mr. Williams added , must be driven to community engagement in a context of cordiality.

The ERU Assistant Boss and his team at the same time assured the public of responsive approach to their duties in keeping with care values and responsibilities.