By: Ransford Browne ( Intern)

Several disadvantage youths commonly known as ‘ZOGOS’ in the King Gray community in Paynesville, said smoking has now become a way of life for them.

Speaking with KMTV overtheweekend, the disadvantage youths said, they are anticipating leaving drugs, but can only happen through the support of others.

One of the drugs user Key Boikah nane Marijuana, Cocaine,Herion as some of the Dangerous drugs they take which is causing serious health problem for them.

According to some who have spent about  13-Years smoking and taking in narcotics noted, that it is something very difficult for them to leave for now .

“I have been into smoking hobby for 13-years. I have desire  leaving it , but to get in is easy and to get out is difficult.” A youth into drugs usage were heard saying.

Some of them added that, Friends will encourage you into dangerous drugs usage at the entry level, but leaves after you shall have gotten addicted to the drugs,a situation which placed them at a disadvantage point .

Meanwhile, some disadvantage females ‘ZOGOS’ said living on drugs have become difficult now a days because they are so addicted and to support their hobbits they are constrain to engage into  prostitution and other criminal activities.

” My Name is Alberta Jallah and I’ve been into this hobby for 6 years.” She narrated

Alberta whose parents died during the Ebola Crisis in Liberia, indicated that smoking is bad for Women; judging from the fact that they are often abused ‘Sexually’ by their male colleagues.

She said their body are often abused because of their strength to prevent their male colleagues who are physically and Sexually abusing them daily.

Alberta wants  government and humanitarian organizations to formulate programs that will help better their lives.

Some of the disadvantage youths said drugs addiction in Liberia is increasing  among school going children and  other community youths.

If nothing is done urgently to arrest the situation, the future of Children in Liberia remains questionable they predicted pointing fingers at their respective conditions.