EU-EOM releases final report on Liberia’s 2017 election, calls for more inclusive process.


EU-EOM releases final report on the 2017 elections, priorities six out of twenty three (23) recommendations for future elections improvement.

The European union Election Observation mission to Liberia has officially released its final report from the 2017 elections in Liberia.
The mission in its report to the media commended Liberians mainly voters for adhearing to the rule of law of the Country despite delays and complaints filed by political parties and candidates during the release of the first round of results by the National elections Commission.
The EOM after dispatching about forty short term and twenty long term observers across the country respectively over a six month period concluded their work with the submission of twenty three recommendations to the European union delegation to Liberia.
The report prioritize six cardinal issues with key focus on more inclusive process.
Women participation and inclusion in government, citizenship and youth participation and many others.
According to the chief observer Maria Arena the EU is happy with the conduct of the entire 2017 election process.
She said the election provided good experience for both Liberia and the EU’s delegation.
She lauded ECOWAS and UNMIL for assisting Liberia through its electoral period.
“The process was hectic but successful”, Maria added.
The Chair of the EOM acknowledged that democracy is fragile but needs to be improved if not it will be lost.
She told the media that the election marked a defining moment in the strengthening of Liberia’s democratic institutions across the country.
The report amongst other things priorities six key components to include:removal of the ethnic definition of the Liberian citizenship, A revision of the constitutional timeline for the handling of electoral complaints, The adoption of a voter registration system based on a reliable civil register, further enabling opportunities to vote for citizens including persons, turning eighteen, detainees and the hospitalized.
Others are:measures for enhanced women participation, and extending domestic observation to the whole electoral domestic cycle to reinforce the role of civil society in and reform of the electoral process.
The report according to Maria is amongst other things intended to help improve the electoral system of the Country for future election purposes.
It takes into consideration the young and growing democracy of Liberia as well as electoral rights under the Liberian Law including Liberia’s commitment under international law.
After the released of the report today discussions will begin with political parties, stakeholders, civil society and journalists among others.
The delegation came to Liberia in August of 2017 after being invited by the Liberian authorities.