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EU pledges bigger partnership to support Pro-poor Agenda,encourages Liberia to see culture as an engine for economic growth and development.

The head of the European union delegation to Liberia Helene Cave has pledged the EU’s support and partnership to assisting the Government’s pro-poor agenda.
According to Ambassador Cave “all our partners who want to work in a cooperative way to strengthen multilateralism, peace, sustainable development, free and fair trade, human rights and democracy, we stand with you” she added.
Speaking at program marking the 68th anniversary celebration of Europe Day the EU diplomat said 2018 is European year of cultural heritage.
So told the gathering Wednesday night May 9th, 2018 that cultural heritage is the expression of our roots noting that the more we know about our roots and we preserve them, the more we are able to face diversity and change.
Indicating further she noted that the EU has twenty eight Countries with diverse traditions, customs and languages.
“Unity in diversity”, we are an example of how diversity can lead to solidarity, cohesion and unity, something she wants Liberia and the continent of Africa to follow.
Madam Cave encouraged Liberia to see culture as an engine for economic and social development, innovation and competitiveness.
The global trade she added is in creative products and has continued to expand in recent years despite economic uncertainty.
She further stressed that culture is a very important part of the European union’s partnership with other Countries.
Last year she added that her predecessor Tina Intelmann sponsored the printing of a new edition of the book:Legends of Liberia, which collects traditional stories from Liberia’s sixteen tribes.
The book has thus far been donated to hundreds of education and cultural institutions, libraries and community groups across the country.
As part of continue initiative in said regard the European union will soon launch an exciting new initiative to support a social enterprise cinema arthouse in Monrovia.
Pandora Hodge head of Kriterion Monrovia who is currently managing the project is also along with other young people helping in the planning stages of this year’s Europe Liberian film festival which will offer a rich programmer of Liberian, African and European movies, short films and documentaries.
Meanwhile the launch will take place Friday May 11th, 2018 by 3:00pm at the Williams V.S.Tubman high school campus on 12th Street in Sinkor.
Also speaking at the Program was Acting Foreign Minister Elias Shonyini who praised the EU for been an impactful partner to Liberia,evidence of been the largest budgetary donor supporter to Liberia including many other projects which they have initiated.
He said the European union since 2006 has accelerated support to Liberia in several areas to include:Energy, Education Agriculture, Risk management, culture and security and many others.
“The EU has played a central role in global development something he noted will not go unnoticed” ,he added.
The 68th celebration of Europe day has been a long dream of former foreign Minister of France Robert Schuman.
Robert believed that pooling economic interests would support economic growth and create a situation where war between European Countries would be economically impossible.
From the beginning reduced inequality and improved living standards were a key part of his vision.
68 years now the continued strength of the European union and its contribution to peace and prosperity both within and outside its borders is a testimony to his legacy.
Julius Konton
Julius Kontonhttps://kmtvliberia.com
I am Julius N. Konton Sr. a young and creative Liberian Journalist with over ten years of practical experience in the field of Journalism both from the electronic and print media end respectively. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication with emphasis in Political Science and also achieved several awards and certificates in the field of Journalism. Email: julius.konton@gmail.com Cell: +231776311835/+231886959548

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