EU to celebrate 68th Europe Day Wednesday.

Over two hundred delegates mainly Government Officials, members of the diplomatic corps, partners and other stakeholders will today May 9 2018 join the European union delegation to Liberia in observance of the annual Europe Day celebration.
The annual event marks the celebration of the historic Schuman Declaration.
At a speech in Paris France on 9th May 1950, Robert Schuman foreign Minister of France, sets out his side for a new form of political corporation in Europe which mark war between Europe’s nations unthinkable.
Schuman’s proposal led to the development of what is now the EU.
Each year the event is celebrated to highlight the importance of peace and unity in Europe especially after the end of World War two which led to massive destruction amongst European nations.
This year’s celebration is highlighting culture and creativity.
Over the years, The EU boosts opportunities for young people in Liberia by supporting technical and Vocational training and education there-by promoting job creation agriculture and agro-industry, fisheries, forestry, waste management and electricity amongst others.
It also supports the development of value chain adding more value to what the economy produces as well as believing in the potential of women and girls as such says no to Sexual, Gender Base Violence (SGBV)
Additionally the European union takes action with Liberia on the global climate change challenge including energizing Liberia in partnership to bring light to urban and rural communities.
On the current national scene and focus among other things, the EU is committed to helping to restore and promote the unique cultural values and practices of Liberia as such it promotes culture and creativity with the young people been fully encouraged to showcase such great attributes.
The international partner to Liberia feels very strongly that Liberia’s culture should not be lost in this regard and over the period has been working with relevant groups to see the need to create all necessary avenues and opportunities to help bring back to light the silent, missing but significant tools in its real position.
In continuation of the celebration a week long Europe Liberian film festival will be shown in some parts of Montserrado, Margibi and surrounding communities with the aim of showcasing the importance of culture values and its preservation.
Meanwhile the group Kriterion Monrovia on Tuesday ended a two day training session focusing on video film production and stories telling.
The training brought together about fifty participants mainly young people in the entertainment industry and was supported by the EU.
At the close of the training the project manager and founder of Kriterion Monrovia Pandora Hodge thanked the participants for being a part of history making and encouraged them to maximum use of the opportunity to ensure that they make a difference at their respective locals.