Eugene Nagbe: “I Didn’t Kill Sam Bockarie”


Eugene Nagbe, Liberia’s  Maritime Commissioner builds his defense on a radio program stating he participated in no killing during the war.

When pressed on the issue of Sam Bockarie, popularly known as General Mosquito, Nagbe denied having any involvement in the assassination.


Nagbe did not shy away from expressing his view of the former Sierra Leonean rebel leader noting that Sam Bockarie was not an angel.

“Sam Bockarie  was not an angel, he live by the Gun and he died by the Gun.”

Backing his claim, Nagbe added that the US government knows how General Mosquito’s death happened and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) did an investigation about how he died as well.

Mr. Nagbe also pinned his location at the time of the assassination- ‘I was in Monrovia and Sam Bockarie was assassinated in Nimba.”

According to the Mr. Nagbe, he was only involved in raising and signing a voucher to pay the Stryker Funeral Home to deposit the General remains.

At the time Mr. Nagbe served as Chief of Office Staffs in the office of then Vice President Moses Blah.

Former President Charles Taylor and Moses Blah

The Liberian government headed  by detained President Charles Taylor said,   he was killed in a shootout with government troops near the Ivorian border.



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