Editorial: Facts Vs Fiction, Gov’t Needs to Speak On VP Taylor’s Health


FACTS ARE NEEDED NOW OVER FICTION since the news broke out over the illness of Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, there have been conflicting reports.

WHAT IS NOT CLEAR up to now is what is the current health status of our VP, who is a property of the Liberian people after departing the country for Ghana to seek medical attention.

AT THIS POINT, THE CDC government of Amb. George Weah must speak to us, they cannot remain mute, they are not doing us the Liberian people a favor if they do not speak, it caused more harm if they don’t speak.

CHINUA ACHEBA’s THINGS FALL APART literature said it is good to speak the truth and people must not shield your mouth with money. In Liberia, those at the Information Ministry must muster up the courage to speak out the truth about the conflicting reports on our VP’s health and not protect their well-paid jobs.

IT IS EMBARRASSING FOR US in the media to independently verify the information as the govern is tight-lip on the issue, why the office of the VP said they stand by their previous communication.

HER OFFICE IN AN OFFICIAL communication to the nation said, VP Howard-Taylor on Tuesday, August 11, traveled out of the country to seek treatment at a specialist hospital in Accra, Ghana for respiratory complications. Thanking

BUT A MEDICAL REFERRAL FROM Health Minister Dr. Wilhemina Jallah, dated August 11, states that the VP Howard-Taylor was tested positive for the virus on August 10, and was granted permission to seek medication abroad based on the advice of her doctor.

ARTICLE 15 C of OUR CONSTITUTION states “In pursuance of this right, there shall be no limitation on the public right to be informed about the government and its functionaries.” This means our government is under the mandate to be truthful to us and give us information and not hide things from us.

PROPER AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is a vital tool to sustaining any nation, home, religious intuitions like ours, a country which motto says “ The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here” and as such we must continue to hold together.

WE DEMAND THE FACTS about our VP aimed at averting possible conflicts or protest as usually done before the George Weah government speaks, or set up an investigation committee.

WHAT IS ALSO APPALING is the continued silence of party officials on the health of the VP, even on social media, in local dailies, or radio station we’re yet to see or hear them wishing Madam Jewel Howard Taylor a speedy recover.

OPPOSITION POLITICAL FIGURES seem to be more concerned and sending out prayers for the VP to recover speedily. It is not the time for a cheap political betrayer from anyone.

IT IS NO SECRET THAT Vice President Howard-Taylor is not a favorable face amongst some top officials and executive members of the ruling establishment as evidence by a leak audio recording from CDC party Chairman Mulbah Morlu which he described as “liquor Talk.” Even the Vice president has admitted that she sometimes feels disrespected by some top government officials.

VP HOWARD-TAYLOR IS the property of the Liberian people and it is incumbent upon the government to speak because this has the propensity to cause chaos in the country and we think this is the best time to do facts vs fiction so we know where the facts are.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with testing positive of COVID-19 as it is not a death sentence, evidence by the huge number of Liberians who have recovered. Even top current and former officials of government including the Minister of Information, dismissed EPA Boss Nathaniel Blama, Former Maryland County lawmaker, and former Defense Minister among others have beaten COVID-19 after they were tested positive of the virus.

THEREFORE, WE MUST HALT the speculation by saying the actual story or else it will continue to come out if nothing is said. We demand the government speak, they are not doing any good by keeping silent.