Family of Motorcyclist Allegedly Killed by Police in Ganta Resolve to Bury their Son after Months of Controversies


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah

Ganta, Nimba County- The night of March 8, 2020, was a gloomy night for the people of Ganta especially the Selleh’s family when an incident that led to the alleged killing of their 18-year-old son, Samuel Selleh, by former and disrobed Deputy Police Commander of Ganta, Sense Kowo occurred at the premises of the Jackie’s Guest House in the Peace Community.

Following months of tensions between the government and the family, the family has finally resolved to go ahead with the burial of their deceased son on Friday, November 27.

According to Mr. Paye Selleh, father of the deceased, their decision to go ahead with the burial of their late son is owing to what he referred to as “legal advice.”

“After Sensee Kowo killed [allegedly] my son, we’ve been through series of tussles going here and there. But I want to tell you that we’ve decided to bury the boy [deceased cyclist] on this Friday,” Mr. Selleh said

“Our legal advisors told us that we should bury this boy and they’ll battle the case for us.”

The late Samuel Selleh was a 9th-grade student of the Ganta YMCA High School prior to the unfortunate situation that led to his early demise.

Since his alleged killing by Officer Kowo, there has been a number of tensions and threat from different groupings including motorcyclists, students, as well as other advocacy denominations.

Calls from the various groups have solely been about ensuring that the family receives a fair share of justice with the issue that left their teenage son to have lost his life so painfully.

The burial was earlier scheduled for Saturday, November 21 but was canceled by the family on grounds that evidence would have been destroyed if the boy is buried.

An investigation into the matter started last September after motorcyclists along with the Concern Nimbaians group, as well as other youth groups including family members and market women threatened to stage a massive demonstration throughout Ganta on the 20 of September.

A stakeholder meeting comprising high ranking national security officers was later held at the Ganta Women Center to remedy the planned protest.

Following that meeting, the pressure groups decided to cancel their planned ‘match for justice.’ Notwithstanding, the proceeding of the case started two days after at the 8th Judicial Circuit in Sanniquellie, but the defense lawyer filed in for a change of venue because he felt that his client, the alleged perpetrator, was not secure in Sanniquellie.

His request was granted as the case has now been transferred to the 2nd Judicial Circuit in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

A family source has revealed that the proceeding of the case will start next month in Grand Bassa.

With the burial now set to take place, Mr. Selleh has seriously lashed at the religious community of Nimba, precisely the Christian Community for failing to stand by the family throughout their time of bereavement as they fight for justice.

He at the same expressed his frustration and disappointment in the County Administration of Nimba County for not identifying with his family since the incident.

Additionally, Selleh blasted the Superintendent of Nimba County, Mr. Nelson Korquoi, County Inspector, B. Mack Gbliwon for their failure to step in the premises of his compound ever since the unfortunate situation.

The burial is going to bring some level of relief to not only the Selleh’s family, but to residents of Nimba County as a whole because there has been a threat of protest on the December 8, 2020 election day.