Nimba: Father Of Motorcyclist Allegedly Killed by Disrobed Police Wants Govt. Take Charge of Burial


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Correspondent)

Ganta, Nimba County:  Mr. Paye Selleh, the father of an 18-year-old motorcyclist who was allegedly killed by the ex-deputy Police Commander of Ganta, is demanding the government of Liberia to take full responsibility for his son’s funeral.

The incidence leading to the alleged killing of the late Samuel Selleh, occurred on the late evening of March 8, 2020, around the premises of Jackie’s Guest House in Ganta which is just a stone throw away from the victim’s residence. Ex-deputy police commander Sensee Kowo was immediately disrobed from the police, charged with murder, and forwarded to court.

Since the unfortunate situation, the remains of the boy is still kept at the Gompa Funeral Home.

Mr. Selleh is now requesting the government to underwrite the cost of the burial which they have scheduled for November 21, 2020. The family of the deceased earlier planned to have the burial ceremony on last Saturday, 14 November but there was no understandable conclusion between the family and the government.

Mr. Selleh revealed that he was told by the Police Commander of Nimba, Superintendent Augustine Warie, that the government will take care of the bills for the body’s preservation at the funeral home and the casket, while the family should shoulder the charges of transportation, feeding and burial site, something he termed as a slept in his face.

” I’m demanding this government to take full charge of my son’s burial. They should know that the man who killed this boy was a uniform man who was on duty for the government.

You can’t tell me to share the expenses surrounding the funeral activities, that is a slap in our faces.” Mr. Selleh aggressively lamented.

Speaking further, Mr. Selleh said if the government does not work on things to bury his son on November 21, 2020, as planned by the family, there will be a serious disaster in Nimba.

“I am not going to relent anymore, if it cost me to die for my son, I’d rather die, but I’ll not sit down for someone to play fun out of me because you feel I’m poor. He continued.

At the same time, he expressed his disappointment in the judicial system of the country especially the County Attorney of Nimba for honoring a change in the venue of the case from the 8th Judicial Circuit in Sanniquellie, to the 2nd Judicial Circuit in Buchanan, Grand Bassa.

Selleh said, there was no substantial reason given to the family for swapping the venue.

” I don’t any reason why the venue of this case hearing was changed by the County Attorney because they never argued the case only to accept the motion from the defense lawyer.

Maybe they want to see our downfall, but they’ll never succeed in doing that.

The incidence occurred in March, and from the day it happened, nobody ever throws a stone at the alleged perpetrator, Sensee Kowo, then why they say the man is insecure here in Sanniquellie.” He lamented.

He also said that the government is yet to show any concern to the family regarding the latest schedule for the burial.

They have threatened to stage a massive demonstration at Ganta Police Station if there is no response from the government regarding their demand in the next few days.

” We’re going to make the Ganta Police Depot an ungovernable place if we don’t favorable time feedback from the government in the next few days.

We’ll be having a serious family meeting on Monday, so we’re giving them up to Tuesday if don’t hear anything pertaining to this boy’s burial then they’ll see my next action.

And let me make this emphatically clear that I’m bitterly serious about what I’m saying, I’m not looking for attention as they may see it, we’re talking about my 18-year-old son business, not anything to joke with. Mr. Selleh concluded.