Fatu Tamba Crys for Aid to Seek Medical Treatment

By: Clarence T. Barjibo(Grand Cape Mount County)
A resident of Gola Konneh District in Grand Cape Mount County who is suffering from what medical doctors have terms as breast cancer is crying out for help to enable her carryout surgery.
Speaking with our correspondent in the county, Fatu Tamba said, she was compared to leave a local private health center because she is unable to afford  hospital bills as the cancer is gradually eating her up.
According to her, she has been advised by an international medical doctor at the private run facility in the county to relocate to Monrovia for better and more advanced medical attention and surgery.
Fatu Tamba was forced to move back at her mother’s house in Weajue Town Gola Konneh District  and her aging mother is unemployed but is relying on a backyard garden where her mother harvest  potato greens to sell and in raising money needed for the operation and at the same time feed the family.
She complained that hardship is looming, and life is becoming almost impossible.
According to Fatu Tamba, she is dying slowly because it has been 4 months now she has  been

deprived movements due to pain she suffers and has also halted her movement.
She’s at the same time calling on philanthropy, humanitarian organizations, and the government of Liberia to come to her aid.
Fatu Tamba can be reached to on the following cellphone number  0886825012.