FDA Back To Light As The Sector Has Huge Potential To Contribute Millions To The Economy,Says C.Mike Doryen,FDA Boss


Liberia’s beautiful landscape with unique spices and wildlife is said to be on the verge of making a great impact across the Country especially in the forestry sector after many years of challenges and backwardness.

The Sector according to Managing Director C.Mike Doryen unlike in the past has now reach a point to enter the carbon market to ensure that Liberia’s Trees and forest respectively are in tight and set to generate more money.

Mr. Doryen said they are now trying to open Liberia’s eco tourism industry with the focus of creating more jobs including raising more money for the Country.

The FDA boss said as part of said initiative they are at the last leg of Liberia’s forest ineventory.

The inventory upon its full completion will show the amount of remaining forest the Country has and to use it for setting machanism for the greenhouse gas emution that has been produced by industrialized Countries.

He said the oxygen which Liberia’s forest produces is of quality and can eventually generate more money for the Country.

Mr.Doryen said due to the quality of the forest of Liberia amongst other things,they will not allow anyone to set a price for them especially when one metric ton is sold for five United States Dollars.

Currently the FDA head added that they have started a negotiation to sell at a price of seven United States Dollars.
He said if Such happens the Country will have no reason to rely on commercial logging because with such process it will tripple what the commercial logging has so far offer the Country.
Mike told reporters that as Liberia is at the verge of reaching its bench mark,the Norweigan government has tabled 80m to invest in the sector something he noted will go a long way for the people.

On Commercial logging point, he noted that they have set a quota that will see Liberia incrementally processing more round logs as oppose to exporting log which he said will add more value to the sector.

Additionally the FDA boss noted that conservation- wise, plans are in the making to ensure that Liberia reach its target.
He said currently the country has over one million hectares but they are getting there.

Mr. Doryen also outlined several new measures to help improve and transform the sector to include: the protection of wildlife spices as well as drastic action to arrest people who are carrying on illicit hunting across the Country.

Moreover some local business people are to benefit from foreign training and return to the Country to produce furniture for the schools and public offices.
The initiative was made possible by the African Development Bank after making available 1m to the the FDA.
He said upon the training beneficiaries will be giving access to loan and further empowerment.

According to Mike Doryen the initiative will further help create more jobs and improve the local economy.
Unlike in the past at the FDA, Doryen noted it is making some great strides to improve the sector and transform the economy for the betterment of the Country.