FDA Ends One Day Engagement Meeting on the Significance of Protecting the Lake Piso Multiple Reserve

Lake Piso

By Clarence T. Barjibo

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has ended a one-day engagement meeting with residents of Torsor, and Sembehum Towns, and local FDA officials in Grand Cape Mount County.

Providing an overview of the meeting, the chief Park Warden of FDA assigned in the County, Bility Geyanin, said the FDA stands to establish an integrated management system for the Lake Piso Multiple reserve, Functional mechanism to allow the concern of local communities, government, and partners to negotiate with the FDA and also reactivate the Lake Piso Conservation network and promote traditional management system practice.

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Established on July 21, 2011, the Lake Piso Multiple reserve is about 97,159 Hectors and is located both in Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties.

“We have about 120 communities within the Lake Piso Basin, and 20,000 inhabitants,” Mr. Geyanin said.

Geyanin referenced the government of Liberia signing an international convention, which speaks volumes to establishing protected areas and therefore cautioned inhabitants and local authorities to help in protecting reserved areas in the county.

Participants of the meeting were informed that bush fire is harmful to endangered species, forest illegal policy practice by inhabitants are some challenges, and as such FDA has been engaged in community awareness to provide education on the significance of the sustainability of the reserve areas in the county.

Also speaking at the meeting, the superintendent of Grand Cape Mount county, Aaron B. Vincent said the Eco-Tourism project that is to reach to cape mount, is for the inhabitants residing in the county and as such every Capemounteans should help in protecting the reserve as well.

“We will really admire the project coming to cape mount to bring opportunity for our people but equally so, you know a hungry man is an angry man while undertaking the project and investment in the county, what will our people eat, and as such we want for FDA to look into the matter,” he added.