Federation Of Liberian Youth (FLY) Calls On Youth And Students To Desist From Street Protests

Admits the current economy situation in the Country which has so far sparked mixed views including reactions across Liberia the Youth umbrella organization, Federation Of Liberian Youth(FLY) has urged the young people of Liberia to seize down street protests and trust the government giving her time to deliver and or respond to the current situation.
“We too as an institution do recognize the harsh economic realities of the common people in the wake of the drastic increase in prices,With this recognized realities, street protests are never the way forward in resolving these issues,said Augustine Tamba FLY’s President.
According to him FLY sees the demonstration and street protests not as solutions, rather a gas to increase the fire something that may not be timely for the Country’s current fragile peace process, he added.
” We encouraged the students to remain calm understanding that insecurity, bad news and economic panic are all sources for inflation in the real world”,the Youth umbrella boss told reporters on Monday,July 9,2018.
He said in as much as the students and young people have a valid point but their constant protests have the propensity to bring about fear to the business community including specialists in the economy which could lead to dishonest entrepreneurs to engage in what economists called price gouging thereby hiking prices of essential commodities for the poor people,something that is current been experienced by the common people on the local market.
As part of the dialoguing process FLY calls on the government to open its doors and provide more information to the students and Liberians in general on the current economic condition of the Country.
Mr.Tamba believes that the gap in providing timely information to the students over the period especially in such a critical time led to the students demanding a magic for the reduction of prices on the local market.
He said FLY is fully aware of the macroeconomics fluctuations and inflationary pressure that have manifested itself into the price of basic commodities thus bringing untold hardship to the ordinary people, adding that it has to be address,the soonest.
The youth group attributed the current economic situation amongst other things to the printing of additional Liberian dollars bank notes including the malicious introduction of new 500 Liberian notes in huge quantity during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf without the consideration of money in circulation and the withdrawal of the mutilated bank notes from the market.
FLY at the same time call on the Student Unification Party on the campus of the University of Liberia including other pressure groups and aggrieved parties to see dialogue as the best way in addressing crucial national issues for the benefit of all.
The current situation Tamba said is a national cause as such calls on all Liberians not to panic rather work together and bring out best suggestions to help remedy the situation.
In a bid to address the economy nightmare facing the Country a special session was today July 9,2018 held at the capitol building between Lawmakers and key government actors while the second discussion is expected on Tuesday July 10,2018 between stakeholders and experts in the sector all in a move to timely address the situation, until final decision can be reached between duty bearers,the exchange rate on the local market is said be sky rocketing as basic commodities are also been affected with the common people severely feeling the pinched.