FIFA Delegation Set To Visit Liberia,Hopes To Resolve LFA’s Election Crisis

A three-man delegation of the world’s governing Football body FIFA will arrive in Liberia on Wednesday May 23 to May 26 to intervene in the election crisis currently within the LFA and to ensure that sanity is restore the game of football in Liberia.
The delegation will comprise of senior members of FIFA to include:Rolf Tanner,Luca Nicolas and Laura Pelli.
They are task with the responsibility of resolving the long standing election conflict to ensure they find a successor to Musa Bility outgoing president of the Liberia Football Association.
On April 14, 2018 one of the presidential Candidates George Solo through the court placed an injunction on the LFA runoff election between presidential candidates Musa Shannon and Mustapha Raji after none of the three candidates obtained 19 votes as required by the LFA constitution to win an election.
Solo who voted during the first round of the election obtained 5 votes but said he was not given due process by the election committee of the LFA following his complaint to them which amongst other things indicated that Mustapha Raji,one of the presidential candidates academic document was fake.
As stated in the statue of the Liberian Football Association a presidential candidate should hold a first degree, a requirement Solo claimed Raji did not meet.
After three appearances in court Solo’s Lawyers were told that the court do not have jurisdiction over football matters as such they were refer to FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for sports.
In a move to speedily investigate the matter to give green light to the running of Football in Liberia,a three man FIFA’s delegation will arrive in Liberia Wednesday on a three day visit with the hope of fully resolving the LFA election crisis.
Also as part of their visit,the delegation will look at proposed plans been put in place for the organization of the next LFA league season under the new leadership which will help to ensure continuity and attracts meaningful and sustainable corporate sponsorship and collaborations to the game.
Additionally,the delegation is expected to meet with stakeholders of football including club presidents who are the direct beneficiaries of football to explained how football is run in Liberia..
The thorough and intensive analysis of the structures at the FA will take the form of meetings with the executive of the association, the technical and administrative staff and partners including sponsors of the association.
It is also believed that the delegation will also investigate Shannon’s letter to FIFA accusing the government of Liberia of interfering in the LFA election.
Shannon wrote FIFA Secretary general Fatma Samoura on April 18, 2018 accusing the House of Representatives and Deputy Sports Minister Andy Quamie of favoring Candidate Raji during the election.
Shannon said they sought to unduly influence the proceedings and intimidate voting members by promoting LISCR FC President Mustapha Raji as the government’s choice for the LFA presidency.
“As FIFA regulations clearly state, external governmental influence into the LFA’s election process is a gross violation of Fifa and LFA’s election guidelines and, as such, should have invalidated the entire election process.
“I am requesting FIFA, as the sport governing body, to review the allegations in the interest of transparency and fair-play. I am more than willing to be available for further discussions on the matter and look forward to hearing from you in the near future,” he said in his letter to FIFA.
Prior to the election Rochell Woodson former executive committee member of the LFA wrote the world governing body of football on March 19, 2018 to intervene in the LFA election on grounds that several irregularities were noticed in the election process.
Her communication to FIFA resulted in FIFA requesting the LFA to submit it statue to FIFA for review on or before April 9, 2018 .
In an April 9, 2018 response, LFA secretary-general Emmanuel Deah admitted to two violations but also refused to acknowledge that the statutes were amended in 2016.
On April 14, 2018, LFA stakeholders elected Beatrice Mamie Kpoto, Quiwu Perci Yeke, Paywala Janyan, Henry Flomo, Cllr. Joseph Kollie, Julie Seton, Nyemah Nyanway, Kerlie Miller, Ivan Brown and Anthony Deinuka as executive committee members (ECMs) at the Samuel Kanyon Doe sports complex in Paynesville.
Professor Sekou Konneh and Wilmot Smith were elected as vice presidents for administration and operations respectively.
With the FIFA delegation to Liberia set to arrive on Wednesday all football lovers can hope for is a decision in the interest of the game.