FIFA Warns Liberia Of Disciplinary Action Following September 4th, 2019 Pitch Invasion By Lonestar Fans


The World Football Governing Body (FIFA) has warned strongly the Liberia Football Association of a disciplinary action against it if the September 4 pitch invasion at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex is repeated.

FIFA’s warning is in reaction to Wednesday’s pitch invasion by home fans of the Liberia National Football Team after the final whistle was blown when players of Sierra Leone and Liberia, along with match officials, were still on the pitch.

FIFA, in a statement issued Thursday September 5, 2019 , condemned the act by the Lone Star supporters and emphasized that it would not condone such unruly behavior in future matches sanctioned by FIFA and CAF.

The International Football Body, however, recalled that this is not the first time for FIFA to warn Liberia on similar pitch invasion in recent years.

FIFA is therefore urging Liberian football authorities to put in place appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of such incident.

The decision by FIFA maybe a relieve for Liberia because some Liberians predicted a fine or ban due to the gravity of the act but base on the timely intervention of the Chief Patron of Sports, President George Weah’s appealed to FIFA such decision by FIFA was flexible and favorable for the LFA but with a strong warning to Liberia to avoid the recurrence of the September 4th, 2019 pitch invasion by crazy fans of the Lonestar.

President Weah frowned on the uncontrollable behavior exhibited by jubilating fans who attended the Liberia versus Sierra Leone Fifa World Cup Preliminary first round match at the SKD on Wednesday.

Liberia defeated Sierra Leone 3-goals to One.

The Liberian Leader condemned the unruly behavior of the fans who invaded the playing pitch during and immediately after the game, causing serious security concerns for the players and match officials.

He acknowledged that Fifa regulations forbid unauthorized persons and fans from crowding the parameter and playing pitch during and immediately after the game when the team and match officials have not departed from the field.

The Chief Patron of Sports called on all fans to always behave orderly during and after Lone Star games, as a repeat of Wednesday’s uncontrolled celebration, could lead to a ban placed on Liberia by the World Governing Body of Football- Fifa.