Fire Disaster Leaves 3 Dead, Made Several Homeless in Old Road Community


By Angel Peters (Intern)

At least three children, two females, one male have reportedly died while many were made homeless as the result of a fire disaster that occurred in the Vai Town Community, Old Road.

Rebecca David 15, Fatumata Banquara 19, and Prince Watson 10 are names of the three kids who were killed by the tragic incident earlier Tuesday morning.

According to the Public Affairs Director of the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS) of Liberia, Augustus B. Momo, the fire had broken out at about 2:44 am in a zinc structure where the three kids remains were found, adding that the (LNFS) was contacted for rescue service which he said was fully rendered.

He continued that the fire flames from the zinc structure extended to two other houses which got burned down to ashes, leaving several inhabitants homeless.

Mr. Momo revealed that the response team station-one responded in accordance with their duty but sadly couldn’t save the lives of the kids.

“This morning around 2:44 am, a member of the family called me for rescue and I immediately sent respond team station-one. The team went there and were able to cut the fire off, but those three kids were already dead,” he said.

The actual cause of the fire is yet unknown.

Director Momo said family members of the fire victims alleged that the incident was as a result of an electrical shock in their house. Mr. Momo at the same time extended sympathy to the bereaved family, as the investigation is ongoing to establish the actual cause of the incident.