Fire disaster made entire family homeless.

An entire family is said to be made homeless due to fire disaster.
The fire as been discribed by eye witnesses as mysterious gutted an entire compound and started from the top of an upstairs building.
According to victim Roosevelt Nyumah the cause of the fire is unknown and shocking.
He narrated further that the fire started by 1:15am on Sunday Morning and subsequently engulfed the entire structure.
Roosevelt although unhappy about the fire disaster but was quick to appreciate God especially when no life was taken away unlike other fire accidents.
He praised some of his neighbors for swiftly coming to their rescue when they were needed most, he added.
The incident which took place in the Maikalay Community in the Township of Dixville is the second of its kind in less than a week.
It can be recall that fire last Thursday morning gutted a three bed room house in Congo Town leading about five people dead.
Unlike the Dixville fire incident the cause of the Congo Town fire according to eye witnesses is due to electrical shock though official cause from the Fire Service Agency is yet to be established.
According to latest statistics from the Fire Service agency fire disaster has reduced in recent years unlike in the past.
Fire accident early 2000 was said to be on the increase with candle lights been a major attributing factor closely followed by electrical shocks.
As a result of such the fire service agency launched a major campaign to educate and create awareness about the usage of candles and electrical devices especially in densely populated Communities something that helped to reduce the increase including death rates.
Victim Roosevelt a businessman is calling on National Government to see the need to come to the aid of the he and his family.

Photo Credit by:

Emmanuel Doe Jaryenneh.