“Fire For Fire” Information Minister Blasts Critics


Liberia’s Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe has heavily blasted critics and members of the opposition for their constant attacks including un-nationalistic commends against the Government.

According to Minister Nagbe the government welcomes criticism but added that said much be done in good faith and not those that will send a negative image about the Country to the globe.

He said demonizing the Country in the name of criticism has the propensity to undermine the democracy of the state.


His statement is in reaction to recent comments made by former Truth and Reconciliation Commission Chairman Cllr. Jerome Verdier who branded Liberia as a gangster Country.

He told reporters at a Thursday weekly press briefing organized by the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism said that such statement is unpatriotic and unfortunate.

The MICAT boss said he was even more surprised when some members of the opposition welcomed and or hail said statement.

Due to the gravity of said statement he urges his colleague, Gender Minister Piso Saydee Tarr to sue Cllr. Verdier for referring to her as gangster.

According to him upholding Liberia’s democracy is the sole responsibility of all including critics and members of the opposition.

Mr. Nagbe pointed out that people in the opposition have the right to critique the government and the President but was quick to mention that it should be done in a constructive manner and not in a destructive form as many are doing.

Despite the negative propaganda from critics and the opposition bloc he told reporters that the government will not referee the media on its content but will continue to support free press.

The MICAT boss as a professional journalist as well encouraged his colleagues to always execute their professional mandate in accordance with media ethics rather than favoring a group of people.

Though he did not mention name but said it is unfortunate and a lack of comprehension by some people who do not understand autograph done by the president during some of his foreign trips and mistook it for different thing.

“I can abuse and even more, so people who are always in the hobbit of abusing the president and government officials must be aware, Minister Nagbe added.